Gossip Girl 3.03 “The Lost Boy” Recap

GOSSIP GIRLThis episode opens with Blair trying to schedule a little ‘mid-morning renaissance’with Chuck, while walking in on Georgina, making out on the bed with a half-naked Dan. Ick. Ick. Ick. Dan gets all frantic and starts to leave. Georgina assures him that Vanessa, Serena and his dad will all be ‘supportive of them.’He’s confused.

He rushes out of the room, holding his shoes and with his shirt unbuttoned and bumps into… Serena, looking for Blair’s room. ‘Did I just catch you on a walk of shame?’she asks. He tells her he was just visiting Vanessa who’s on a feng shui kick, until, of course, Vanessa opens her door down the hall. ‘I thought I heard your voices. What are you doing here?’Busted. Vanessa and Serena suddenly put two and two together, and in unison, Serena says ‘Please tell me it’s Blair and not Georgina,’while Vanessa says ‘Please tell me it’s Georgina and not Blair.’The three go into Vanessa’s room and Dan is definitely not fully comfortable with this ‘relationship.’Serena and Vanessa assure him they won’t judge him because they all have a Georgina in their closet.

Serena and Dan go to leave and Vanessa offers to come with them. She wants to meet Scott after his comp theory seminar, but according to Dan, comp theory is in the afternoons. Oops. Vanessa makes up an excuse to stay behind and calls Scott. He tells her his study group is in the morning, the seminar is in the afternoon. She offers to meet him at his study group, but he tells her no and he’ll call her later. Pan out, and he’s at Rufus and Lily’s apartment, getting guitar lessons from Rufus. Scott tells him they need to talk, but Rufus interrupts him with a ‘Vanessa-is-like-a-daughter-don’t-hurt-her speech.’

Jenny and Eric make their sole appearance, glancing through the Sotheby’s auction catalogue, asking Rufus if he’s excited for the auction tonight. Scott gets up to leave, saying they’ll talk later.

Serena tells Dan she won’t judge him if he dates Georgina, especially since she’s dating Carter. ‘What, because Chuck isn’t currently available?’Dan asks. Serena tells him it’s fine if he wants to date Georgina, but to just ‘make sure there’s not an ice pick under the bed,’and warns him that she goes ‘from zero to crazy before you know it.’He assures her they aren’t dating, just having fun.

Carter meets up with Serena, and suggests they go to a fancy hotel that tonight, even though his parents have cut him off. She starts to invite him to the auction, but a little blonde comes up, and makes it clear they slept together. He denies ever seeing or knowing her, she slaps him and storms off. Serena decides not to invite him to the auction and leaves too.

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