Girl Meets World Review: Ski Lodge Deja Vu

Girl Meets World

A year ago we began the journey of the Girl Meets World love triangle. A few things needed to happen before Lucas, Riley, and Maya’s journey could find its conclusion. The kids entered high school, and they needed to figure out if they were still the same people they were before this transition. For Maya, the answer was in the negative. Which is why Riley needed to spend a few episodes getting Maya back to who she truly is. Now that all of that is resolved, a decision needs to be made. And it will be made, in the most ironic of places-on a field trip to the Mount Sun Lodge. If this ski lodge sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Yes, Boy Meets World fans. This is the exact same ski lodge which was almost the end of Cory and Topanga. The question is will it now become the stage for the demise of a friendship?

Part 1 of this crazy ride begins with Cory warning the kids about nature, and that’s more like NATURE the way Cory repeats it like the world is poison ivy personified. If you don’t know the story, let me quickly recap. Cory and Topanga fell in love in a sandbox. 15 years later Cory and Topanga were the forever couple until Cory spent all night talking to a girl named Lauren at a ski lodge. Cory didn’t tell Topanga, Lauren left Cory a note, Topanga found the note, Lauren followed Cory, Cory and Topanga broke up for a minute, Lauren left, then Cory and Topanga reunited to live happily ever after. However the mere mention of skiing still puts Cory and Topanga on edge. Which is why Topanga insists on chaperoning the kid’s field trip with Cory. The surprise is when Topanga reveals Josh will also be chaperoning as well. Just like that, the triangle became more complicated.

From this point forward the episode is a mix of Boy Meets World deja vu and hilarious daydreams sequences. Riley falls off the bus, proving she is her father’s daughter. Maya is initially giggly that Josh is coming on their trip, but forces herself to focus on resolving the triangle once and for all. Lucas is now too nervous to say which girl he chose, so everyone plays a game where they imagine two different universes depending on who Lucas picks. In the Maya pick, Maya and Lucas are an adventurous power couple seeking trouble at every turn. Maya ends up blowing up all of her friends, including Riley’s purple cat. In the Riley pick, Lucas and Riley are deliriously, almost nauseatingly, happy in a sea of mushy couples (and Auggie dressed as Cupid). Don’t get too excited though because their love is too strong to last, ultimately putting Riley on her deathbed before Maya puts her out of her misery. Each scenario is hilariously heightened to point out the potential for disaster in each choice. A choice does need to be made, but they don’t have to figure it out in one night. Riley pulls a Cory and decides to sit her injured self by the bay window to think. In walks Evan, a nice boy Riley’s age who lives in the lodge. Three guesses who his mother is.

The point of Part 1 was to leave everyone even more unsettled and confused than they already were. Not to worry, there was the constancy of Farkle and Smackle, who already know they are a perfectly matched couple. This includes their 3rd wheel, Zay, who has the best line of the episode-“As crazy as you two are, you’re nowhere near as messed up as them”.

Tune in next week to see once and for all who Lucas chooses.

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