Gina Carano is Starring In a Hunter Biden Biopic

Gina Carano is Starring In a Hunter Biden Biopic

Gina Carano is Starring In a Hunter Biden Biopic

Anyone should be able to guess that a lot of people are going to have plenty to say when it comes to the idea of Gina Carano, yes, THAT Gina Carano, is going to be starring in a movie titled My Son Hunter, which is going to be based on Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. It’s an easy bet that a lot of folks will have a great deal to say about the POTUS and his son and the shady dealings that are bound to be depicted in the movie, but the important thing to remember is that it’s a movie, and no matter how true some of it might be, a lot of it will likely be satire and taken in a manner that’s meant to be a little comical and not truly indicative of the individual it’s based on. But then again, people are going to make up their own minds and be convinced of what they want to be, so it’s fair to think that telling them how to think, which isn’t the intention, is going to be an act that’s disregarded. 

Gina will be playing the part of a world-weary secret service agent that has likely already seen a great deal and been through a lot depending on how long her character has been around the office of the president, as it’s fair to think that secret service agents have to deal with a lot at times and possibly keep secrets that weigh heavily on them. But with all the press that’s surrounded Hunter Biden since his father’s ascension to the presidency of the United States, many people have had plenty to say when it comes to the special interests that have been debated over for so long. It would be great to say that this movie isn’t all about this, but it is, and it’s about this subject from the point of view of someone that has to shadow the president and his family, and might have to keep their secrets now and then despite what it might do for their mental health 

Many movies have been made showing the lives of secret agents, and some might be at least somewhat factual while others are no doubt above and beyond anything that really takes place in the real world. Many happen to think that the secret service is capable of doing anything in the interest of keeping the president safe, but there have been videos that have made it clear that while these agents are expected to lay down their lives for the president if needs be, they are still human beings that have their own lives and ambitions. To think that a secret service agent would put the security of the president and the president’s family above their own well-being and that of their family’s is kind of a stretch, but it’s not unrealistic in some cases. There are bound to be some agents that have taken things to the extreme and made it clear that nothing else mattered but the POTUS and their family, while others might have other ideas when it comes to their job. 

But for the sake of this movie, it does sound as though Carano’s character will be a loyal agent that is a bit weary of her job and of having to deal with the Bidens and their secrets. Since Carano’s release from Disney and The Mandalorian cast, it’s been surmised that she’s ready and willing to fire back in her own way to keep from being canceled by the ‘totalitarian mob’, which is a common fear that many conservatives have given voice to over the past year or so, and has also been called false and baseless by those that do not believe that cancel culture exists. It needs to be kept in mind that some of the folks that don’t believe in cancel culture are also those that believe that Antifa is an ideal and not a terrorist group, which is something that many people, especially those living in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon might be able to readily dispute. But in terms of the movie, Carano is ready to push forward to keep her career going and to have her say in a project that is bound to at least try to be fair and as unbiased as possible. 

Since joining up with The Daily Wire, it’s fair to say that Carano has been ready to start saying whatever is on her mind, which she’s already been doing and been released from Disney for, which is surprising since it would paint Disney as entirely biased given that the star of The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal, also posted his views on social media, but was not brought to task for them. In any case, it’s bound to be interesting to see what will come from this venture and how it will shake out when all is said and done. 

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