Five Actors Who Should Play Hunter Biden in a Movie

Hunter Biden

Right now with what’s going on in politics it’s enough to make your head hurt since Hunter Biden has been on the lips of a lot of people and not necessarily in a good way since the Trump administration is trying to nail him for any perceived wrongdoing while his father, the former VP Joe Biden, is attempting to keep him out of harms way. There is plenty that can be said about Hunter Biden, both for and against since he did graduate Yale law school, and he was a part of the US Navy Reserve. But he was also discharged when a urinalysis detected cocaine in his system. It was explained that he must have smoked a cigarette that was laced with cocaine, but he was still discharged quietly from the US Navy Reserve so as to save his reputation. Does any of that seem a little shady? It does to a lot of people, and so does Hunter Biden being involved with Burisma as it’s been revealed. As legal counsel he might have been useful, but otherwise his education and expertise didn’t seem to fit with this kind of work, which makes it odd to think about. When this is all said and done with you know that someone is going to want to make a movie out of this mess, and Hunter Biden’s part is going to be something that is seen as a supporting role at the very least.

Here are five actors that could possibly play Hunter Biden.

5. Russell Crowe

He might seem a bit old at this point but Russell can still shape up and become the fresh-faced actor we all came to know and appreciate years ago. That’s the great thing about this guy, he can seem younger than what he is if he’s in shape, but if a movie is going to be made with Hunter Biden in it then it would have be soon because otherwise the years won’t continue to make a case for this pick. Still, he does present a kind of attitude that could make him appear as innocent or shifty as he’s needed to be.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is still a popular actor in many circles and he’s taken on roles that are pretty shifty and low-down and he’s taken on characters that are, well, kind of reclusive and don’t really act unless they’re told to do so or feel the need. He seems as though he might be worth the spot since he’s the kind of guy that can morph into a character as is needed and will give a great performance as people might expect. Seeing him as a political figure might be interesting since he’s usually playing someone that’s standing tall over a lot of other people due to his fortune or expertise, or is someone that’s down in the trenches with everyone else.

3. Joaquin Phoenix

Being a quiet guy and having the kind of persona that he does would make Joaquin a good fit for this role since he can be animated when he needs to be, but he can also disappear behind the scenes when that’s needed as well. There’s a quiet fury to Phoenix’s character that can be tamped down as needed and make him into a rather meek individual when it’s called for, and while Biden might not be described as a meek character he’s definitely not a strong presence as it stands right now since simply wondering where he’s been and why no one is letting him speak is kind of dodgy to be honest.

2. Matt Damon

This seems like it’s almost tailor-made for Damon since it would seem that he can play the part of someone that’s involved in government scandals and is being protected quite well. Some might see him as more of a downer when he plays roles such as this but in truth he’s quite good at them since he’s one of the chameleons of Hollywood in that he can play a very strong and aggressive character or he can dial it down and become someone that you barely get two words out of on average.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

It almost seems as though this would be asking him to tone it down too much after his long run as Iron Man/Tony Stark, but it’s also well within his wheelhouse and would be something he could take on without any real trouble. RDJ is the kind of guy that seems to approach a role in a fashion that allows him to simply become the character he’s playing and doesn’t let up until the movie is well and over. In this case it seems as though he’d gladly step into the role if it was right for him.

Whatever you think about Hunter Biden and his father Joe it’s enough to say that this mess is likely to get made into a movie one day.

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