Why We’ll Be Watching “Sweet Tooth” on Netflix

Why We’ll Be Watching “Sweet Tooth” on Netflix

Some folks are bound to look at Sweet Tooth and think of a fairytale/post-apocalyptic setting which will go out on a very long limb in the hopes that it won’t break, while others will be ready to bolster that limb at the end and hope and expect that the story, based off of a DC comic, while end up being one of those stories that we’ll be talking about for a while to come. Just from the trailer it already looks like something that will be whimsical and yet dangerous all at once, almost like one of the many fantasies that have been pushed over the years and made into something that people will either love, hate, or be indifferent towards. But hating the story at this point doesn’t sound feasible simply because thanks to the trailer there does appear to be a lot of room to hope that it will be something more than just a boy with antlers that’s seeking to find a place in the world where he can survive and thrive, but that it will also be something that will create a rich, vibrant place that will foster other feelings in people about acceptance as well as tolerance and understanding that being different doesn’t mean one is bad. This is a lesson that many upon many people have yet to learn obviously and it’s something that a lot of folks can’t help but preach day after day. Many people don’t want to think that it might take a work of fiction to accept something that the real world has been hoping for throughout the years, but more and more it’s becoming apparent that people pay more attention to fiction and less to the real world where things tend to matter simply because they’re the things that happen and actually affect the lives of those around them. Sweet Tooth is bound to be yet another great tale that will show and tell people just what it means to be different and why being different doesn’t mean being evil, it simply means that something happened during our creation that made us different, but didn’t necessarily separate us when it came to compatibility.

That’s one theory at least, but taking the series as it is and just having fun with it would likely be a better option since assigning too much meaning to the entertainment we all enjoy is bound to backfire on us at some point since it means that instead of just preaching in real life, people have found the need to do it in front of the camera as well.  In some cases, it’s useful, especially when it has the desired effect of getting people to think, something that too many folks don’t tend to do enough of in favor of simply reacting to the world around them. As a fantasy tale, Sweet Tooth is already looking like something that will be able to fuel discussions and debates if people should choose to make a case for it, but otherwise, it does look like something that’s appealing and could help to make the summer a little more memorable in a very pleasing way. Considering how the summer of 2020 went, pretty much anything is an improvement this year since despite continued lockdowns in some parts of the USA there are still a lot of people that are trying to return to some sense of normalcy, even if that term has been shifting unsteadily for a while now and doesn’t appear to be reaching any agreed-upon compromise as of yet. What Sweet Tooth could do is unfortunately just what it won’t be likely to do since as much as people are paying attention to fiction, they’re also discounting it quite often despite the lessons that are being surreptitiously taught through one story after another.

In that light, it might be better to just take the series as it is and not worry too much about the message it might be trying to send or the fact that humanity absolutely needs that message at this point and should be paying close attention when it comes the subject of accepting people as they are and not as they would have them. The whole idea of human/animal hybrids is a curious one at the very least and something that could play a bigger part in the actual humanity that people want to cling to versus the hatred, suspicion, and outright aggression that is also a part of being human. It will be interesting to see what the reaction will be to this live-action version of the DC comic, especially since once ideas have been taken from the pages of popular literature of any type there’s a huge difference in the reaction of the intended audience. This will definitely be one of the shows we’re going to watch this summer.

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