“Ghost Adventures: Artifacts” Premiere Review

“Ghost Adventures: Artifacts” Premiere Review

The first episode of season one of “Ghost Adventures: Artifacts” was the premiere that kicked off the new spinoff. The same limited cast and crew were present and they delivered high on the quality of investigations that we’ve become accustomed to. The premiere was well-received by fans who saw an immediate connection to a previous series in the franchise. The episode aired on August12, 2017 as the lead for the upcoming series. Here are the details of the first show along with what we can expect to find in upcoming segments.

Two significant artifacts

Zak Bagans headed he investigation that examined the facts surrounding an antique doll that was the inspiration for a recent horror film series. “Robert the Doll and The Dibbuk Box” were fitting topics of investigation to begin the artifacts season. Each involves objects that have been shown to come with supernatural affixation.

Robert the Doll

What some may simply believe to be a child’s toy is actually a haunted artifact. Zak and the team revealed its history and shared with viewers. The Ottos of Key West, Florida owned “The Artist House in the late 1800s. They employed a Haitian servant to care for Robert, their son. Mrs. Otto claimed that he saw the servant performing black magic on the estate. She was promptly fired. Prior to leaving, the servant gifted Robert with a large doll 3 feet in height with button eyes, stuffed with straw and hair from Robert’s own head.

The boy gave the doll his name and started going by his own middle name which was Gene. He would carry on conversations with the doll and some said that they heard the doll conversing back in a different voice. Soon, unexplained things began to happen in the home. Objects would sail through the air and some would be mutilated. All in the house could hear a strange giggling that was unexplainable.

The doll was taken from “Gene” and placed in a box which was stored in the attic. After his father’s death, Gene inherited the home and moved in with his spouse. He found the toy from his childhood and even though his wife protested, he became attached to it. Soon, his wife developed severe mental problems and died. It was not long before the same fate befell Gene. Through the years, various people experienced horrific events that sent them running in terror. He is currently stored in the East Martello Museum.

The Dibbuk Box

Zak and the team also consulted a rabbi from Las Vegas regarding the Dibbuk Box. This is a wine cabinet that has been associated with the Holocaust. This is another haunted artifact that has brought pain, suffering and death to several who came into possession of the item. The Dibbuk Box is a wine cabinet that contains a dibbuk and a keselim. The original owner warned that the box should never be opened. It was to be buried with her upon her death. Her request was not honored because it violated the traditions of an orthodox Jewish burial. It was sold and the story was passed down to the buyer. He stored the box in the basement of his shop. He had to leave to run an errand and left a young lady in charge.

It was only a half hour before the girl called his cell phone screaming hysterically that someone was in the shop cursing and breaking glass. The security gates were locked and she couldn’t leave, then his phone went dead. When he arrived at the shop, the girl was hysterical in a corner. He went to the basement where he smelled cat urine, but htere were no animals present. The lights would not come on. As it turned out all of the light bulbs had been shattered. There was nobody there. The girl left and never returned, refusing to discuss the incident with him.

This was just the beginning. He opened the cabinet and found two Wheat pennies, a lock of hair bound with a string, a granite statue that was engraved with SHALOM. There was also a golden wine up, a dried rosebud and a candlestick holder made of black cast iron with octopus legs. He saved them in a box to send back to the estate where he bought the wine case. The family would not accept them. He gave the cabinet to his mother and immediately, something had happened.

She sat in a chair unresponsive, having had a stroke. She couldn’t talk only spell the words NO GIFT. HATE GIFT. It made the rounds among a few owners and everyone had nightmares or illnesses. The investigation showed that this item was definitely a haunted artifact that survived from the Holocaust period and made its way to the United States. The new series began with two of the most famous haunted artifacts in existence today and we’re excited to learn about more artifacts associated with the paranormal as the season continues.

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