Turns Out there’s a Real Internet Obsession With George Lucas’s Neck

The very real internet obsession with George Lucas‘ neck is kind of saddening really when you realize just how much worth is given to a person based on their personal appearance. While Lucas isn’t the thinnest guy in the world he’s also not the youngest or the most active which means that at one point or another fat deposits are going to develop and settle in. When one begins to age the jaw line is unfortunately one of those areas that begins to collect some of the most fatty tissue in the body, especially if the muscles in that region are not used as often so as to keep the contour of the jaw line prominent and well-defined. So yes, George Lucas’ chin does seem to be in the process of being taken over by his neck, but it still seems quite rude to go on and on about it no matter what kind of man he might be.

Plus the obsession with it is simply disturbing. In some cases it almost seems as though some people see his neck like a car wreck, they want to look away but they can’t. His physical condition has been parodied many a time throughout the years since he started getting older and showing signs of increased weight gain. It doesn’t even matter how well-groomed and hygienic he is, Lucas is still the subject of ridicule a lot of times simply because of his looks. In public it doesn’t seem like he cares about such opinions, which is a positive thing since otherwise he might be too embarrassed to ever make his way outside. But in private it’s not really known how he feels and that’s probably for the best. It’s simply sad that people feel the need to talk about something like this in such a way in an attempt to drag him and his reputation down. Obviously people are always going to talk about something they find strange or out of the ordinary, but talking about a person’s appearance in a negative manner usually says more about the person talking than the individual being talked about. Yes, Lucas has a very big, thick, fatty neck, but as it was already mentioned age tends to do this to people.

If people were to look around they might see that a lot of people moving into their later years in life have this same issue. The wattle that forms under the chin and makes the neck look grotesque in some ways is quite natural since as people age they’re not always as active and aren’t likely to stretch the same muscles the way they used to. For George Lucas however this has become something of a trademark look since his neck is quite big. It just seems rude to point that out in so many different ways online since it’s pretty obvious the guy knows about it. It’s been something he’s had to live with as it’s developed and still has to live with as of now.

People obsess over the strangest things.

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