Remembering Masami Sudi: Animation Director Dies at 77

Remembering Masami Sudi: Animation Director Dies at 77

Remembering Masami Sudi: Animation Director Dies at 77

Dedicating your life to your art and enjoying what you do is the dream, and it’s one that Masami Suda, an animator, and director, had the chance to live for many years upon becoming established in his field. The famed anime artist passed away earlier this month and his loss has been felt by many who happen to love anime and were fans of his work. For decades he was one of those that had a hand in helping to push anime to the heights that it’s reached and it’s easy to say that he was one of the many that were ready and willing to take it even further. Anime has become a truly dominant form of animation and is currently making an even bigger push as things continue to change and grow within the industry. To think that Suda had more than a little to do with this isn’t difficult at all since the man had the kind of talent that a lot of us can only dream of possessing. His talent, his drive, and his ability to move forward and keep honing his skills made Suda a truly great artist.

There’s more that goes into animation than many people understand at times, and the artwork that makes such a project possible is something that many of us would be more than happy to be able to produce on a regular basis. Anyone that’s ever taken an art class might agree that the skill and the sense of balance needed in any picture that one wants to create are hard to come by. Some are naturally talented and can produce such images without that much effort, while others have to work much harder to produce the kind of artwork that will sell and earn them a reputation. One thing is true of anyone that engages in such artwork though, one has to do the work to get the glory.

Animators tend to be hard workers that are fully into their craft and a lot of the time love what they do. After all, they get to bring a story to life, not just jot it down on the page and call it good. At the end of the day, their job is to make the story walk, talk, and do everything that it needs to do in order to make the people laugh, cry, and get excited depending on what the story is about. Obviously, they’re one part of the process, but they’re an important part that doesn’t always appear to get the notice they need unless they’re just that great at what they do. Suda was a celebrated artist in his time and created a wide array of images that helped push anime into the forefront in Japan, utilizing his talents to entertain people in a manner that would eventually get noticed by Americans and slowly but surely continue to entertain people in many countries until now it’s evident that anime is a worldwide phenomenon that people simply can’t do without any longer. That might sound a little grandiose but the point is that anime is where it is today because of many of those that were working diligently back in the day to push it forward, including Suda.

Suda was a well-respected artist in his field and as such it’s fair to say that many people aspired to be like him since he was so great. Too often we don’t get to hear about the people behind the scenes that are making one show or movie after another work in a manner that not only gives the stars something to work with but make it possible to give people something to look at in order to get a feel for how the story is supposed to go, what kind of emotions are needed, and of course to give visual cues that tell people how to feel. Artists of Suda’s skill have a great responsibility to tell the story through their artwork and to convey the meaning and emotions behind it in a manner that says more than words can at times. Becoming a renowned artist isn’t an easy task and is something that a person can be proud of when it happens.

The fact that Suda was revered by so many makes it obvious that he was an interesting man to work with and around and that he took his art very seriously but also had enough passion for it that he knew when to laugh and when to have fun with it as well. This is the type of person that many would seek to be like at one point or another since it would appear that he had his life figured out well enough to know when to enjoy himself and when to get to work, and when to try to do a little of both. Rest in peace sir, you’ll be missed. enjoying what you do

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