The Origin of Qui-Gon Jinn Deserves a Movie, or a Series

The Origin of Qui-Gon Jinn Deserves a Movie, or a Series

The Origin of Qui-Gon Jinn Deserves a Movie, or a Series

Before people start asking, if an origin story for Qui-Gon Jinn ever came along, it does feel as though Liam Neeson might be given a minimal presence at best, hence the term ORIGIN, which means that whoever was ambitious enough to take such a project on would need to find someone that looks enough like a young Liam to make it work. With that in mind though, it wouldn’t hurt to have him show up as a point of reference at certain moments in the series if it became possible. Of course, there’s always a chance that footage from The Phantom Menace might work if one knew how to make it happen, but that’s a tough sell in some ways since it would still mean a lot of editing for the unlucky person that was brought on. Still, seeing how Qui-Gon was brought up in the Jedi Order does sound like a fun idea, but it would run into the problem of figuring out who to use as Count Dooku, since it’s very likely that many people would refuse the idea of replacing Christopher Lee, at least initially. 

Count Dooku was Qui-Gon’s mentor and master after all, so it’s only fair to think that we would need someone to step into this role to show what their pairing would be like when compared to other masters and padawans. It’s already been established in the past that Qui-Gon was a willful student and that he’s always marched to the beat of his own drum, so to speak. But seeing him as a padawan would be intriguing since it would also be a chance to take a look at how things were run in the order before Qui-Gon became a master, and it’s very likely that with the absence of the Sith or at least the supposed absence of them, that things would be quite different. 

It’s not tough to think that the Jedi would still have plenty to do since it’s a big galaxy and their responsibilities had more to do with settling minor disputes and acting as guardians to those in need, as well as ambassadors that would act on behalf of the Senate. It’s easy to wonder if Qui-Gon was the same person as a padawan, or if he had a lot of learning to do under Count Dooku. There’s also the question of what he might have gone through when Dooku turned to the dark side eventually, since going by the prequels one has to assume that Qui-Gon would have had a lot of stressors present in his life as a Jedi, not the least of which would have been the fact that his master still had a connection to his family due to their status on their planet. There is plenty in Qui-Gon’s past that could be brought forward to create an impressive story, and a lot of it might be able to explain why he and the Jedi Council don’t always see eye to eye. If anyone remembers, and I’m sure they do, it was made clear that the council and Qui-Gon had gone head to head in the past, and that he’d pushed his luck more than once. 

The Star Wars franchise is currently expanding in more than one direction at the moment, as various shows and movies are being planned that take place within the same period as the movies, so it’s not hard to think that another series might be thought up that could be many years before the prequels. After all, the High Republic is bound to take place a good century before the prequels, so it’s very likely that if someone had the idea to think of making a series showing the upbringing of various Jedi, Qui-Gon would be a prime choice, along with many others. It could even be stated that he should be included in Tales of the Jedi, or another anthology that might be thought up at some point. Simply adding him in would be a good idea, since even if Liam Neeson isn’t willing to come back, there’s a good chance that someone else that looks enough like him could be used as a younger replacement. 

It does feel that Qui-Gon wasn’t given enough time in the movies to develop his character in a way that would make him memorable to others. But it could happen that if he was given a spot in a series, or his own limited series perhaps, his story could be used to entertain the fans in a very effective way. Learning what some of the most classic characters were like when they were younger is something that fans tend to care about, as the current version of Princess Leia in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series has gained a lot of support in a very short time. 

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