Five Celebrities Who Should Run for President in 2020

Looking at the Ranker site that was compiled by Jacob Sheldon I could possibly agree with some of the top picks and it seems that a lot of people are of the mind that some celebrities are just cut out to be president a lot more so than others. But there would of course be disagreement largely because of ideology, shared interests, and of course who would be fair and not as completely biased as anyone else. Celebrities becoming president seems to be a big issue as of now, especially since Trump, who wasn’t a politician until he assumed the mantle of POTUS, was a well-known celebrity on TV. There are still those like Anika Chaturvedi of The Red & Black that are of the mind that celebrities should stay out of the White House unless they’re skilled enough to take office. Unfortunately many of those in show business do have strong ideas and opinions, but this typically not enough to help them run the United States. If celebrities were going to run the nation they need to have a strong background in justice, politics, and also have the kind of leadership skills that can unite people instead of divide them. Barring that, the idea of fair play and equality, as well as strong moral character that is not swayed by one side or the other, should be present with any individual that wants to run.

Here are just a few people that might be interesting to see in the White House.

5. Judge Judy

Judge Judy has ripped into men and women alike on her show, has never alluded to being a feminist, and has stood for justice and order for most if not all of her career. According to Brian Moniz of Medium she’s actually shown some interest in running in the 2020 campaign and it would seem that she might actually have at least a little bit of ground to stand on. Whether she’d be able to bull her way through the debates as well as she does in her courtroom is hard to say but it does seem that she might at least have a chance to be heard and gain some support simply because of who she is and the fact that many people still happen to like her.

4. Oprah Winfrey

This one is taken with a big grain of salt since the people would like her to run but she’s already said that she wouldn’t be running. Of course there’s really no clue as to what’s going to happen until it finally happens and there’s no saying that she’ll keep her stance that she’s staying out of it. People want Oprah largely because she’s a person, a woman, that speaks her mind openly and cares deeply about a great many things and much like Judge Judy doesn’t back down from anyone. The only problem that would come from this it would seem is that the balance of power does feel like it would shift on its axis in a big way, but for good or ill can’t really be predicted at this point.

3. Dwayne Johnson

This seems like more of a spoof than anything but it does seem like it would be fun to see Dwayne as the big man in the White House just because he seems like the type that cares about the needs of the people and would want to see things done in a fashion that would help the public. Plus if Trump can make his way to the White House why not another popular on screen personality? That might seem like a horrible justification, but Dwayne would be an energized individual that could possibly do some good and even bring a more hard-nosed approach to some of the problems facing the country today.

2. Morgan Freeman

It almost feels as though liberals would groan or cheer for this one and still come out the other side being disappointed since Freeman has spoken at length about how he feels that anyone can do anything if they put their minds to it. That kind of mentality is great since it seeks to negate the whole victim mentality when it comes to people complaining about what they can and can’t do and how various people across the nation are being ‘oppressed’. One thing you might notice about older men, no matter their color or race, is that since they’ve been through more than many of us they tend to have a much more realistic approach to the ‘problems’ that many people crow about so often.

1. Tom Hanks

He seems like he’d be a fair-handed and even-minded individual so it stands to reason that being elected to the White House might be a good idea. His policies and ideologies might not fit what everyone wants to see in America but then again, few presidents have ever been universally loved by everybody. If nothing else he would be a new face and a new set of ideas that could possibly steer the country in a new direction.

Overall celebrities don’t need to be in the White House unless they’ve got a knack for leading people, and even then it’s not always a wise move.

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