General Hospital: Will Sam be Healed or Ruin Her Marriage?

General Hospital: Will Sam be Healed or Ruin Her Marriage?

General Hospital fans aren’t sure what to make of what’s going on with Sam. She’s so crazy right now that it might be anything. But we also know that Jason has a job to do and he can’t just ignore it for his wife. Will this be the end of their marriage? We haven’t heard anything yet, but we think that there is a good chance these two might be headed to the end of their own personal road after they’ve spent so much time fighting lately. If he takes over Sonny’s job, spends more time with Sonny, and she’s not diagnosed soon with something she can work on, they might not make it.

They aren’t in a good place, and so many people are blaming it on her new motherhood. Sure, she’s got a new baby at home to care for, but we all know that’s not why she’s so upset and that’s not what is bothering her. What’s bothering her is more than that. She has too much on her plate to worry about anything but her marriage and health right now.

And she’s not happy her husband isn’t doing what she wants him to do. Then again, she’s not sure she can trust what she feels at the moment. She’s not entirely present enough to make informed decisions with a sound mind, and that might make a big difference in the way she sees things. It could make a difference if she wants to save her marriage.

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