General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Confronts Ava

General Hospital fans know that Sonny is working hard on finding a way to improve his life, but what is happening when he has to face Ava once again? He knows she was a key factor in the death of his son, and that’s not something he is willing to take lightly at all. He knows she is to blame for the many issues they’re having right now, and he’s not willing to stop focusing on what she’s doing. Ava is out of the hospital now, and she’s depressed.

When Julian stops to check on his sister, he is going to be very surprised they let her out. Her burns were awful, and her personality has developed bad depression that’s causing her to contemplate even continuing to live. But what’s more shocking is that Sonny and Carly both find her and want to talk to her. They want her to know under no circumstance will she ever be free of what she did.

They tell her she will pay for her lies and what she did to their son, and they mean it. She’s not in a good place right now, and she’s not someone who is capable of handling this in her emotional state. Will she decide to take drastic measures and end her own life or at least leave town now that she’s feeling threatened and unable to live the life she once had in Port Charles? It’s a big chance, but will she take it and be free of them?

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