General Hospital: Ava Slides Deeper into Depression

General Hospital: Ava Slides Deeper into Depression

General Hospital: Ava Slides Deeper into Depression

General Hospital fans want to know what is going on with Ava. She’s very unhappy with the way her life has changed. She did something awful and it ended up with the loss of a life. She is one of the people responsible for what happened to Morgan. She changed his medication, and that changed his entire personality. She’s got people hating her with every breath they take.

She’s burned so badly no one recognizes her. She’s a mess, and she doesn’t want to live. In fact, she began that fire in the dock so she could live to stay away from Sonny and Carly and what they wanted to do to her, and they left her there. She was badly burned and barely made it out — and now her entire face is a mess. Her brother wants to help with a skin graft, but her life has forever changed.

This week we will see her slide further and further into a dark depression. She’s going to feel awful, and she’s going to see Kiki come to her side and tell her it’s all right. The truth is that it’s not all right. She’s indirectly connected to a murder, she’s got big enemies, and her life is ruined. We think Kiki will try to tell her all the good that might come out of this situation, but we don’t think that she’s going to feel the same way about any of it. She’s going to slide deeper.

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