General Hospital: Dante Isn’t Happy About Being Left Out

General Hospital: Dante Isn’t Happy About Being Left Out

General Hospital fans know that Dante has some suspicious feelings about all that’s going on, and he’s going to find out that he’s not wrong. He’s got a lot to think about, including the fact that he’s hearing there is a man in town who just so happens to have Jason’s face. He is saying he is Jason, he is doing all that he can to get his old life back, and no one seems to want to let him in on what is going on. He’s not very happy about this, but it doesn’t seem like there is much anyone will do to change that.

He will get his brother, Michael, in on this, but we suspect there is a good chance that Michael won’t exactly want to deal with this in the middle of all he has going on. He did just find out that his girlfriend is a crazy woman and has no real reason to stay with her, so he dumped her. And that’s not good news for anyone.

And now he’s got to deal with this and all the other drama his family cannot seem to stay away from, and that’s not a good deal for him, either. And now we are in the process of having to handle whatever is coming his way with some serious issues in other areas, and that’s going to make him upset more so than he was. Will he confront his parents about this in the next few days?

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