General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Finds Evidence for Jason

General Hospital fans know that Sam has been doing a little hunting of her own. She recently went into Peter’s office and found something that belongs to the late Faison, the man they all hate who worked so hard to take them all down. She’s not sure what this means, but she is sure that it probably means there was some moment in time when they were working together at some point. This is not a big shock to anyone, but it’s something that they have to work with and figure out on their own as she and Jason work together. They might not be able to get this situation under control right away, but it will provide them some answers they might be looking for.

What we expect to see this week is Jason figure out that this might be more than they thought it was. This might be what he needed to put two and two together. They might not have much of a chance to get their situation under control, but they can get it together with a little more time. Jason will continue to look into this lighter and what the significance of it being in Peter’s office is, and we think it won’t take long for him to put this together.

Once he realizes that Peter is the elusive and mysterious Henrik, he might have a chance to save some lives. It might be his moment to save Anna’s life, to be honest. We know he wants her dead because she presents such a threat to him and whatever master plan he’s been working on for so long, and she’s going to be a side effect of his decisions. Jason is a good friend to Anna, and we think he will do nothing short of stop whatever is going on and save her life. And they will all have Sam to thank for this. If she had not been where she was not supposed to be snooping around in his office, she would not have found this lighter and Jason wouldn’t have what he needed.

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