General Hospital: Will Paul Be All Right?

General Hospital: Will Paul Be All Right?

Days of Our Lives fans know things aren’t good on the island, but will anyone really hurt Paul? He’s already hurt two of their own, but they all know it’s because something terrible has taken control of his body. They know him. He would never hurt a fly, yet here he is constantly attacking the people he loves the most and the people he calls his friends. It turns out that while Eli would like to see him dead for what he did, no one else wants to see Paul die.

It’s going to come as a shock to Sonny when JJ finally becomes a little more welcoming of this idea. We hear he’s going to tell Sonny they will use whatever drastic measures they need to use to get him under control, and we wonder how Sonny will take this news. He might not handle it very well, and he might just turn on his friends to protect the man he loves.

Is this the beginning of the end for them? They said they’d stick together, but they’re already doing exactly the opposite. Will this cause more problems for them, and is there any chance that Paul can survive this and turn back into himself? If he can’t be controlled and handled, he might be able to live his life ever again. Even when he’s found, no one will leave him free when he’s this crazy. What is happening to him, and how long until it happens to anyone else?

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