Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope Leaves Rafe

Days of Our Lives fans have been very concerned about what might happen when Hope found out about the situation with Rafe, and now we know. She’s going to leave him. She’s not happy about this, but not really for the reasons that we think. She’s less upset that he slept with Sami. She will learn that things happened only once she was done with their engagement and ended things with him. She won’t love that he turned to her and this happened, but she will understand that he did not cheat on her.

She’s still leaving, though. She’s off to Hong Kong, and she’s not going to be very happy with her situation. She’s got a lot of stuff going on in her world, and it is all bad news for her. She’s not happy that things aren’t working out. She’s not happy that things aren’t going to work for her, and she’s not happy that he lied.

And there is it. He lied to her. When she told him she was wrong about all of it and for leaving him, she expected he would be honest with her. The fact that she took him back and that he lied about all of it by simple omission was not good enough for her. She needs to trust him 100% for this to work, and she’s not feeling that’s at all possible at this point in their life. She feels that she’s going to get a chance to breathe by leaving.

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