General Hospital Spoilers: Did Sonny Sleep with His Step-Daughter?

general hospital

On a brand-new General Hospital, Nelle is about to change the way everyone’s future looks. She’s been in town for a while now, and she’s been wreaking havoc on the lives of so many. She’s got herself a bit of a mess as she works to avenge her father, and she’s been hurting people. We already know she set up Sonny to believe he slept with her even though he was just drunk and the entire situation was a set-up to make him believe he cheated on Carly, his wife. Now we find out that Nelle does have a relationship with the people she’s working so hard to become close to. She’s Carly’s daughter.


We are going to learn that Carly was taken advantage of by a dirty doctor, Dr. Dan Roberts, when she was only a teen. That situation led to her becoming pregnant and giving up a baby for adoption, and that baby is Nelle. It’s going to turn into a moment of complete shock as this revelation is brought to light by the young woman and her evil plan to corrupt this family. It turns out Nelle thinks that Carly gave her up for adoption so she could run off and live a fabulous life with her new friends and her new husband. That’s not what happened at all. Carly’s friend’s father molested her, her friend saw it, and her friend killed herself.

It’s an ugly situation, and no one can believe it’s coming to light — and how will this affect Sonny? He thinks he slept with this young woman and they’re keeping a secret from Carly, and he’s going to have some serious issues with the fact he had a one-night stand with his wife’s first born child. Will he learn he didn’t have a relationship with her, or will she let him continue to think it as she makes it her goal to have a way to get back at everyone she feels ever betrayed her? It’s going to be one interesting day in Port Charles, and people are going to end up very hurt by Nelle.

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