General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Hears Something She Shouldn’t

General Hospital fans know that Nelle is not someone to ignore. She’s been dumped by Michael, but she’s not done with her life in Port Charles just yet. She has a job to do, a mission to accomplish, and she’s got people she’d like very much to see hurt now that they are working so hard to accomplish all they’re working on. She’s not happy with the way things are going for herself right now, and she’s not going to stop until she makes everyone pay.

And there is something about her that makes us think she will really take that to heart and hurt the people she feels did her wrong. And since there seems to be so  many of those people, we suspect this might go very poorly for someone. Will she take out her anger on Michael when she has such strong feelings for him? Time will tell.

Right now she’s in the process of being an eavesdropper overhearing conversations with people she has no business listening to. She’s in the middle of doing something completely unrelated when she overhears someone having a conversation that piques her interest. And we can’t even begin to wonder what it might be and how she might use that to her advantage. Will she hurt someone deliberately with that information? Or will she try to make things right with anyone she can in the near future? We don’t know, but we think she might use this to get her own way.

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