General Hospital Spoilers: More Pre-Emptions and Delays

General Hospital Spoilers: More Pre-Emptions and Delays

General Hospital fans are being so patient, and we know it. We want to take a second to thank you for being patient with us if you feel that our spoilers are all off, things are not happening as they appear, and things are being a bit more than frustrating right now. We are as confused as you because things keep being pre-empted, sometimes completely held back a day, sometimes shown in some places and then put online and on the ABC app in other places. We don’t know if this show is coming or going right now, where you are, and what day it is because of the impeachment hearings. The show is being cancelled, shut off, pre-empted, and so much more right now. Our best suggestion to fans is to go on the ABC app and check out when and where to catch up on new episodes.

If our assumptions are correct, and spoilers are correct and in real life time, we are somewhere along the line of seeing what happened on Wednesday. This means that things might just be working out a little better for people such as Sasha, who is not happy with the way thing are going for her, but she’s grateful for Michael for standing up for her. Finn has given an ultimatum that might just change the game a bit more than he anticipated, and then there is Jordan and her fears. She’s scared and fearful and not all that happy about the many things that are going to happen in her life, and she’s looking for a way to make things right, though not one person in her life is willing to listen to her at this point. She’s been brushed off more than she has not been, and it’s been hard on her.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

You guys…we just don’t know when they’re coming.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Things are taking a turn right now as we get to see a big change for Sonny. He has to show up at the ER to see what happen to those who have been hurt by the gunman. Has everyone been taken care of or are there some more gunmen out there who are looking to do things that might just change the game? Are there some people who are working harder than they should to get this situation under control? We don’t know if this is the case, but we do know that there is a lot happening here that might work out and that might not. He’s arriving at the ER to assess the damage and make sure his people are cared for, and he wants to know what is going on and why this happened. Will he get any answers? We don’t really know at this point what will happen.

Nelle is going to do all she can to see if she can get Brooke Lynn to work for her and with her and do what she feels is the right thing. She’s crafty and more than a little tricky, so we almost feel that she can do this and make it happen if she really wants to, but we are going to find that some things are merely better left unsaid. We don’t know if there will be much more to this, but she’s working hard to get what she wants, and we also know that Nelle always works very hard to get what she wants so that she can have her way with everyone around here. This might be one of those times.

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