General Hospital Spoilers: Liz Feels Guilty

General Hospital spoilers tell us that Liz has a few regrets going on right now. With Jason in the place he’s in at the moment, he’s not going to have an easy way out of this. He’s struggling, and everyone is worried. And that means Liz is feeling bad about things. She’s got so much on her mind with the father of her child, and we’re going to see her feeling a lot of regret about the way that she’s treated him over the past few years. She’s in a place right now where she is going to have to change the way she looks at things.

It’s probably perspective for her. She’s got a way to save herself and her family, and she’s got to take it. She has to make amends where she feels that she’s not done a good job with them, and she’s got to make it happen. Does this mean she’s going to wait for him to wake up and apologize? Will she do the same for Sam? Will she talk to him about it first and then move on to her to make amends?

She’s finally realizing that some things can’t be changed. She can’t go back in time, but she can focus on the future and make it right. He is the father of her child, and she does need to consider spending more of her time working on hearing what he thinks and how he feels and less time fighting him about it all.

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