The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 4 Review: “I Carry Your Heart With Me”

The Vampire Diaries

By its very nature, The Vampire Diaries is the perfect show for Halloween.  This week’s episode dealt with the holiday just like the good old days: a themed school dance!  With the tease of yet another love triangle on the horizon, it almost felt like we were right back in Mystic Falls High School.

Stefan and Caroline certainly acted like teenagers because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other the second the vervain spell was siphoned from her body.  Literally, they rushed into each other’s arms and started making out on the spot.  Plus, due to the fact that Caroline is all too worried about Valerie still being hung up on Stefan, I fear the direction their newly established relationship is headed.

Another vampire couple fought but kissed and made up by the end.  Nora and Mary Louise have come a long way from their 1900 roots.  Only Nora has been enjoying this modern era and adjusting to the times, whereas Mary Louise doesn’t want anything to change between her and her girlfriend.  Their tempers and status as Heretics make them powerful, but essentially, they’re harmless and this was a cool little way to work their relationship problems into the bigger picture.

While that whole gang is busy partying, Damon, Alaric, and Bonnie have their hands full experimenting with the phoenix stone.  Without time to consider the probable consequences of bringing people back from the dead, Bonnie successfully revives Oscar first.  Bonnie really is a saint for constantly sacrificing herself for her friends, even if that means spending her Halloween night in a morgue.  Let’s be real: if she went to the heaven and hell-themed party, she wouldn’t need a costume to be recognized for the angel she is.  

Damon calls Bonnie the most terrifying person he knows after witnessing her use the phoenix stone on Oscar.  That kind of power is impressive, but nothing is ever that simple.  The effects of the stone are sure to be scary if the visions Bonnie got from just touching the thing are true.  I’m sure now that Jo is back too, she won’t be her old self completely.  Based on the flash-forward though, it’s a good bet that her and Alaric’s babies in utero were also brought back to life.  Whatever the case, these flash forwards continue to impress me.  It’s always fun to be able to theorize about all the surprise twists.  Now with the update on Alaric in the future, we have to wonder what went wrong that he wasn’t at all pleased to see Damon on his doorstep.  

I should also talk about my least favorite storyline involving a character we haven’t even formally met yet.  Val and Enzo decide to team up to keep Julian from being found because he is/was the love of Lily’s life.  Sorruy, but I’m not here for a Lily love triangle.  That should stay far, far away back in 1903 where it belongs.  

The best part of the episode comes at the end, when Damon actually takes some of his mother’s words to heart.  He calls Tyler to come and take Elena’s coffin out of town for safekeeping and peace of mind.  That’s a brave move but understandable.  With all that’s going on in Mystic Falls, he needs to focus on his brother and friends rather than keep surveillance on Elena.  I’m very excited to see who Damon Salvatore is without Elena Gilbert.  This will be a whole new and mature side to him.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries?

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