General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Confronts the Past

general hospital spoilers

Laura is a mess on General Hospital. She and Kevin are working so hard to find out what is going on so that she can finally get the answers that she needs, but all it’s doing is dredging up the past. Her past is one that has been heartbreaking, difficult and not even remotely easy, yet here she is working to get through it as quickly as she can. Kevin is aware that it’s not easy for her to see the past coming back to the future to haunt her, but he also knows that she will never get the answers she needs for her future if she’s not able to face the past. It’s a dark corner for her, and we aren’t sure she’ll get through it as well as she seems to believe she will.

It’s about time for Sonny to take a break from all the plotting and the danger in his life and focus on something else. Right now he’s focused on Jason, and that means the two of them are going to sit down and really talk things through. Will they be able to get through what’s going on in their lives, or will they be stuck suffering for even longer? It’s not an easy moment for them to experience, but they will have to open up to one another and really talk through what’s upsetting them for the time being.

On that note, Tracy has to face Rachel right now. She might not want to do that, but Rachel needs her and she’s got to be there for her. Rachel is unhappy, and we know that she might make decisions at this point that are not just bad for her, but also bad for the people in her life around her. Could Tracy become the person that Rachel needs to overcome what it is she’s dealing with, or will she be able to face what’s happening in her life with reason and abandon so that she is able to get through it and turn her life around? We don’t think she’s going to handle it as well as she might assume she is, but only time will tell.

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