General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Says Something Awful to Charlotte

General Hospital fans are kind of beside themselves this week as Spencer is going to talk to Charlotte about something that will upset the little girl very much. These are both children, and the fact that they are having conversations like this is beyond our comprehension. We suspect what this little boy has to say to this little girl has everything to do with the fact that he wants to get his family home back. He’s a child, but he’s not going to let this go.

He’s going to upset her, and it’s going to mean something big is happening. We don’t know yet, but we do know that Laura has her hands full with her grandson. She’s already confronted the child about his behavior to Nina, and we know that there are some other major issues going on. She’s going to have to realize that Charlotte isn’t the girls she thought she was, and we wonder just how badly this is going to go for all involved. We just aren’t sure there is much room for error around here, and we aren’t sure how to handle any of it.

Does this mean Laura is going to have a conversation with Lulu, or would she be better off talking about things with Nina? We don’t know where she stands right now, but we do know she’s got a lot on her plate considering she’s handling her own grandson and his issues every day.

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