General Hospital Spoilers: Finn is Betrayed by Two People

General Hospital fans aren’t shocked to hear that Finn is going to learn that the woman he loves and his own best friend are keeping secrets from him. He’s going to realize this after he confronts Hayden about his suspicions and she comes to terms with him. But when he finds out that Curtis has also been keeping secrets from him, it’s going to be very difficult for him to come to terms with the fact that all this lying is really happening. He’s not sure he can handle it and all it means for him.

But what will all this mean to him when he finally realizes what is going on? Will this be the end all be all of their relationship? They have so much to deal with right now, and things aren’t going to get better if they don’t figure out where they all stand and what it all means. There is a good chance that they have to go about their own lives and forget one another.

We know that Hayden’s betrayal is a bad deal, but it’s going to be the moment he learns that Curtis is hurting him that he is going to be in the worst place. That’s his best friend, and that kind of betrayal is difficult to handle for anyone. It’s not something they can really deal with very well, but it’s also something they want to figure out on their own.

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