General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Past isn’t What He Wants

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Past isn’t What He Wants

General Hospital fans know Drew wants to know more about his past life. The man has been through a lot, and he didn’t even know it until Jason showed up and took what he thought was his life away from Drew. He thought he was Jason. Someone worked very hard to take his memories from him and create this new life for him, and it’s been awful realizing it’s not at all what it seems. And now we have to deal with things like figuring out how to make this happen and how to make life possible for him now that he is not someone he knows.

He is looking to find out what is happening in his life, but he is also terrified to find out what is going on with him. He has no idea what kind of stuff he might learn about the man he once was, and he is scared. He is scared to find out who he was and what he was and how this is going to affect his future with his wife. He is not sure he can focus on things other than figuring out what happened in the past, but he must.

He has no choice. But he is afraid. He is terrified of what might happen, how it might happen, and what might occur when he learns what he was and who he was. And he’s mostly terrified of how Sam will react. After all, she doesn’t know him either, and this might be some of the worst news of her life when she learns who he is.

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