General Hospital Characters Whose Stories Fell Short

General Hospital Characters Whose Stories Fell Short

General Hospital fans are in love with so many characters, but some of them just fail to impress us now as much as they did in the past. When a character has a great story line and starts of strong and fascinating, it’s amazing. But when they seem to fall short of all the things that they once did, it gets boring and a little stale. And while some characters can always seem to bring it in a way that makes them relevant for decades, it’s almost like writers fail other characters. Who can go from super exciting to super boring and not even have anything to show for their lives? We can name a few characters we suspect you might feel have sort of dropped the fall in recent months if you want to see if you agree with us. Perhaps you might find some more names to add to this list.

Franco Baldwin

He’s in the middle of so much all the time, but he’s not someone who has been doing much to wow us lately. He’s a man who has been in more stories than we care to admit, but they’re getting stale. He’s a great character, and we certainly don’t want to see him go, but we would love to see him do something. For one, we’d love to see him stop brooding for once and finally marry Liz. We’d like to see him smile more. We’d like to see him do something exciting. We’d like to see him stop obsessing over Jason and Drew and things that happened a million years ago and focus on things that are now and present and great and wonderful. But he cannot do that. He has to focus on the past, lie constantly to Liz, and focus on things that don’t really make much of an effort to make him better. And that’s just all we might get from him anymore.

Dr. Griffin

He is a good-looking man, and he is a great doctor, and he is boring as can be. He’s not involved in anything special anymore, other than breaking up a daughter and her mother. And that’s not pretty. He’s only caught in story lines these days in which he is in the middle of relationships or completely unable to focus on one woman at a time. Right now he’s going back and forth between Kiki and Sasha, but he recently stopped seeing Kiki’s mother, Ava, so that he could sleep with Kiki. That was a secret that they tried to keep, that didn’t work out, so he just started dating her opening when his ex and her mother found out about it.

And that’s all kinds of weird. Then Kiki gets a half-sister, and suddenly he’s all about her. He’s just a man who likes to keep it in the family, but he’s one of the few doctors who actually work in this hospital, and we’d like to see him do something — anything — exciting to help someone or find answers or anything that makes him more interesting again.


She shined for so many years that it almost seems like she was due for some time to be boring, but it’s been a while now. She’s been so boring they bumped her down from series regular to an occasional star, though they did bring her back for more than they thought they might. She’s not been involved in anything new and fresh in a while, and we are hoping that her new situation with Kevin might make that more interesting. She still doesn’t know that Kevin is not Kevin but Ryan, his evil twin brother. He left her, she’s crushed, and he’s trying to win Ava — who is not all that interested in him. But things haven’t clicked yet for Laura, and we are hoping that she is going to see some serious excitement here in the near future before we are bored to tears with her story line. Or else she needs to go for good because she’s just done her time. She gave us the most amazing decades of her life, so she’s not going out without a huge bang and fond memories at all.

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