General Hospital Spoilers: Carly’s Family Doubts Her Innocence

 General Hospital Spoilers: Carly’s Family Doubts Her Innocence

General Hospital fans are not going to like what they see later this week. It turns out that not one person is going to believe that Carly had anything true to say in defense of herself. She’s been insisting that what happened when Nelle fell was not her fault and that she did not push her down the stairs on purpose. And Nelle says otherwise. She’s very happy that this is going her way at the moment, and she could not feel that things are going better for her. She’s got Carly right where she wants her, and that’s what we’re going to discuss. Now that Carly has been accused of this, the best that Diane is able to offer her is a chance to go to a mental hospital.

This is better than jail, but it’s not good enough. And what’s worse for Carly is learning that while she’s suffering in jail, her family and her friends believe she did this. They think she is responsible for what happened, and they think she did push Nelle. Even her own husband and son think it’s true. They’ve seen as she’s been going off the deep end lately, and they seem to have a big idea in their minds that they have to get this handled in a specific way if they want to get anything to work out. And now she’s stuck here while they are going to go off and believe she’s getting help.

Carly is suffering, and no one believes her. They all think that her latest episode of crazy is her new reality, but it’s not. She’s not crazy, and we all know it. Why no one has even thought to see if there might be any truth to what Carly is saying is confusing, but it’s the way things go. She’s been suffering with the sightings and the evidence that her dead son is haunting her, and no one seems to believe that this could really happen to her. She’s on her own right now, and she’s upset.

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