General Hospital: Sonny’s Connection to Patient Six?

General Hospital fans are going to find some weird stuff is going on in Russia. It turns out that Ava is not sure she can stand being in the clinic much longer even if it means her face gets fixed. Patient Six has Sonny’s number on him, and the doctor at the facility is going to call Sony and wonder how the patient knows him. In fact, we all wonder how the patient knows him. Is there even a small or remote chance that Sonny is aware of what is going on and what this all means to him and to these two men who are very likely twins?

And what about Ava? She’s made it her mission to befriend Patient Six even though she cannot see his face. She is going to tell him she wants very much to help him escape, but she is afraid that in doing so she will end up in a lot of trouble and unable to get her own surgery.

She’s aware this makes her a horrible person, but her masked friend will tell her he gets it. He will beg her for help, though, and all he wants from her is a paperclip. She is too scared to give it to him, however, and that means they might have some issues in the near future. We wonder what might happen when she finally sees his face and realizes that she does know him, only she has no idea what that means.

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