General Hospital: Sam Does Something Shocking

General Hospital fans aren’t going to want to hear this, but we have a feeling it could be true. There is a word on the street that Sam is going to do something shocking in the next week or two, and it has to do with her husband. Or the man who might be her husband or might not be him. She’s not sure. All she knows at his point is there are two men who both claim to be Jason. They both have all the memories of her life with them and her kids and their marriage and all that good stuff.

But only one of them has the face of the man she originally fell in love with and has been with for so long — and that is Patient Six. And she cannot deny that she is feeling something for him. He has all their shared memories, and he has the face of the man she married. Her husband Jason doesn’t have that face anymore. He came home after being kidnapped years ago with a new face.

But this guy has his old face. And his memories. So she’s winning twice. And we hear she is going to decide for herself that Six is Jason and they are going to end up back together. And we don’t think it’s a lie or a mistruth. We think she will teeter back and forth on this one and share some serious moments with both, and we are not at all surprised she might make this decision.

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