Addressing A Major General Hospital Rumor

Addressing A Major General Hospital Rumor

Addressing A Major General Hospital Rumor

General Hospital fans have been going through a lot lately, and we want to take a moment today to address some of the craziest rumors we’ve been hearing lately. We want to address one in particular, because it’s the one that seems to stick with us all the way through the day. It’s all about Nina. We know that she took a long hit in her life. She was involved in an accident that allowed her to spend two decades of her life in a coma. We will ignore the fact that she woke up after 20 years with no motor skill problems or speech issues, but whatever. She was pregnant when she was in the coma. She and Silas had conceived a child, but her mother wanted to make sure she never had that child with him.

She thought she lost her baby when she was in the coma. And she’s thought that the entire time she’s been awake. But her mother recently decided to tell her that she had a healthy baby. A little girl. She didn’t want to let Silas have his baby, so she did the unthinkable and took the baby and got rid of the baby by giving her to another family. She didn’t want her daughter to know, but all Nina has ever wanted is a baby of her own.

To find out she’s got a daughter in her 20s was shocking to Nina, and she’s found her. Her name is Sasha, and she belongs to someone else. She was adopted by a single mother when she was just a baby, and the paper trail seemed to make this all look very easy. We also know that Ava gave birth to a little girl at the same time. She as cheating on Franco with Silas and Silas was cheating on Nina with Ava, so it’s reasonable that things weren’t all that true.

You see, it’s been said that Kiki is the daughter that Ava had with Franco or Silas, whoever is the baby’s real father. But what if there is a chance that it was really Ava who lost her baby and it all worked out for Madeline when she wanted to get rid of Nina’s baby. Ava was pregnant, and no one would think twice if she brought home a baby. What if Kiki is really the baby that Nina gave birth to, and the baby that Ava took home pretending to be her own? It’s not really all that amazing that Ava would sleep with her daughter’s boyfriend in any capacity, so maybe that was a clue that she’s got no real ties to her.

But Sasha? She came into the picture so easily and with so much to offer. What if she is really just someone being paid by someone else to go through this and deal with Nina so that she’s not found out? What if Ava is doing this because she doesn’t want her daughter and the rest of the world to find out that Kiki belongs to Nina? What if Ava doesn’t even know? What if Ava’s baby died in the hospital before anyone realized it, and what if she gave Nina’s baby to her and pretended the dead baby was Nina’s? We just think that there might be a bit more to this story considering the fact that it all fell apart so easily and it all worked out so much better for Nina when she found out.

This is not the kind of mystery that is so quick to be solved and that is so anti-climactic. To find a daughter who isn’t interested in getting to know you that doesn’t seem to have another tie to this city and isn’t someone we know is not all that exciting at all. We want something a bit more exciting and a bit more dramatic, and we think this might be the one thing that will work for us. Go with it, and take a moment to let it all sink in. Do you think this wild and outlandish rumor could be the actual truth of the matter? We do, and it might be so exciting to see it happen.

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