General Hospital: Liz Is There for Drew

General Hospital fans definitely see that Liz is there for Drew during this difficult time. She’s known him as Jason and wanted him to be the real Jason, but he’s not. She’s an advocate for him, and she’s got to be there for him. And she will. At the moment he’s still married to Sam, and Sam has made it clear she’s not leaving Drew even if he is not the real father of her children or her actual husband. She’s not going to back away from him. She’s not going to change things for him. She’s not going to make a problem for herself.

But she’s also got to realize that the man she’s married to is the uncle of part of her kids and only the father of one. She’s also got to realize that his friend Liz is going to back him forever even though she’s got a longer history with Jason. And people seem to be so glad that Jason is back that they don’t even want to bother with Drew anymore.

His best friends. The people he loves. The people who’ve loved him are all so happy to have the real Jason back that they are giving up on a man they also know and love even though things got a little complicated for all of them. Will this end? Will Sam stay with Drew for the long haul? How long until she ends back up with Jason in this storyline? He is her entire past.

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