Three Things You Didn’t Know About General Hospital’s Sonny Corinthos

Three Things You Didn’t Know About General Hospital’s Sonny Corinthos

Three Things You Didn’t Know About General Hospital’s Sonny Corinthos

General Hospital fans are always big fans of hearing more about their favorite characters. Whether they are learning more about them as a whole or learning more about them as real people who are playing the role of their favorite characters. It’s easy to assume you know all there is to know about a character when you are a superfan of the show. However, you might not know everything there is to know. We are challenging you in 2019 to learn more about your favorite characters by learning more about their pasts and their histories and their lives. And we want to know if you knew these things. Sonny Corinthos is a longtime fan favorite, so we are starting with him. Did you know these things about Sonny?

1. He Showed up in 1993

We might feel we’ve known him our entire lives, but we haven’t. He came into town in the early 90s without much real power. He was in the mafia at the time, but he was a low-level kind of guy. He was running a strip club at the time, and he was giving drugs to one of the women who worked there so that she would keep working there. He had bosses and their bosses had bosses, and that was the level he was at during those times. He wasn’t anyone really powerful at the time, but he would spend the next few years making the big change in his own life. His mafia ties would take him on his own journey through the world of the mob and all that through his own life, and he did that by killing people, being super ruthless, and by not worrying too much about the law and what that meant.

2. Brenda is His First Real Love

Since he showed up in Port Charles, Sonny had his fair share of lady friends, but Brenda Barrett was the one he loved the most first. He was big time into her and what she could do for him, and they were a power couple in the 90s. They were like the kind of couple you don’t see do anything other than just make it in life. They were good together, and they were doing all they could to spend their lives together. Of course, with that kind of work and that kind of fire between them, they had their issues. For one, they did have some big time situations in which they were not together. They couldn’t always make it work, and they ended up not working in the long run. Now we suspect that it’s Carly who is the love of his life — Brenda may have been first, but Carly is last.

3. He’s Been With Alexis

One thing that many people don’t realize if they were not around in the 2000s is that he was with Alexis for a moment. She’s got a long history with Julian, but it seems that she might just have a thing for men with bad reputations and a love of the dangerous life. She may not have had much of a permanent situation with him, but he did get her pregnant. Insert all the drama and all the stuff, and then she was forced to admit that this baby was his, and she gave birth to Kristina. So, there’s how Kristina and Sam are related and why Kristina worries Sam so much. There’s a long history there, but Alexis has managed to be about the only woman in Sonny’s life who is not interested in getting him back, using him, or abusing him for her own personal gain. Perhaps that is because she has a daughter whom she loves and cherishes, and she wants to make sure her daughter has a father and that she never feels caught between her parents. That is, after all, how Sam feels with her own father — and we imagine that Sonny’s relationship with Alexis is good because Alexis refuses to have her other daughter live the same situation. We love learning more about our favorite characters, don’t you?

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