General Hospital: Carly’s Love Interests Ranked

General Hospital: Carly’s Love Interests Ranked

General Hospital: Carly’s Love Interests Ranked

General Hospital fans love a good romance, and we can say with certainty that Carly Corinthos is a woman who has had more than her fair share of those. She’s made her way around town, across town, and around the world when it comes to her love interests, and we love that about her. But, what we don’t love is that sometimes her relationships come back to haunt her in the midst of her greatest of all. We thought we might take a few moments to go through her long history of love and rate them to find the best of the best. Of course, we think you already know which man in her life is our absolute favorite, but do you think that you know who else gets there on the list?


There was not one thing we liked about them, and he is the worst of the worst in our opinion. Well, we might not think he’s the worst, but we’ve yet to find a woman with whom we think he is so good that it’s just magic. He’s with Liz now — or he was before someone slipped him the memories that belong to Drew and left Drew in the forefront of his mind so that he no longer knows who he is at all — and that’s not exciting, either. But, we thought that of all the men Carly has had in her life, he’s the one who brought nothing to the table. They didn’t work for us, and we are glad that ship sailed.


There’s something about him we cannot help but love so much, even though he was always such a troubled young man. He was always someone who wasn’t quite sure who he was, what he was doing in his life, but he was someone we could not help but love. We wanted to be there for him. We wanted to help him and to make his life seem better, but we could not do that for him. She couldn’t do that for him, either. They had a friendship that didn’t work into a romance like so many do. They were better as friends, and they did not work as more. It was something that just didn’t mesh well, but that’s nothing bad about either of them.


For a while, we thought he might be the one true love of her life. They were together and so happy about it for some time, but that didn’t mean that they were getting anything from it. They were happy, and they did things well together, but they did not see to make it work in another capacity. They had to figure things out for themselves, and they did. They did a good job, and we are happy for them. They share a daughter, they seem happy, and they seem like they were happy at one time. They didn’t work out, but that’s because he was never the man she was actually meant to be with. He was always good for her, but he wasn’t right for her. There was always another man in her heart who was meant to be there for good, and he knew it, too.


He is her husband, and the man she’s spent most of her life with. They might have their issues. They might want to call it quits more than a few times. They might not be picture perfect or even always happy with one another, but they were quite happy in their moment of time. They were happy together. They were meant to be. They were in a place that was good for them, and they made it work. They have been through so much together, and we think that it always makes them a bit stronger as a couple. They always seem to make it work, and they always seem to be the best for one another. Even in their darkest times, such as losing a child they both loved so much, they found their way back to one another when things were as tough as they come. They are everything with one another, and they should make it work through the end of time.

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