General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Asks Finn A Strange Question

General Hospital fans know things are never good for families on this show, and this week is no different. We are going to see that Anna wants to speak with Finn about something very important. She is very suddenly interested in the house that Hayden and Finn were looking at buying. She seems to want to know what he plans on doing with it, and how he plans on making sure things go his way. And she’s very interested. We can’t help but wonder why she wants to know all this. Especially considering how much he is working on getting over what is his life now.

She seems a bit insensitive to ask these things right now, but we think there might be something else going on. What is so special about this house? It could always be that she just really likes it and wants it for herself, but it might also be something else entirely. Such as the fact that there is a lot going on in other means. Perhaps there is something more.

Is this house important for another reason? Does the history imply there might be other reasons for wanting it? Are there other reasons for wanting to know more about it? We don’t know, but we do know there is a lot happening right now, and we can’t wait to find out why she would go there knowing how hurt he is in the meantime. We know her more than what this implies.


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