General Hospital: Griffin Makes Assumptions About Ava

General Hospital: Griffin Makes Assumptions About Ava

General Hospital fans know that what’s going on with Ava is not good. She’s been keeping herself company with Nelle lately, and that’s bad news. She’s got to get her life together, and she’s not going to do herself any favors befriending this outcast. Not only is she one of the reasons that Morgan ended up dead, the Corinthos family hates her, and she ended up with all the burns she has, she’s now messing around with the girl who is also hated more than almost everyone by the same family.

And when she tells Nelle that she thinks she needs to calm down and leave this family alone, it won’t go well for anyone. Nelle doesn’t want to hear it, so it’s all falling on deaf ears. In addition to that, there is a good chance that this is going to be an overheard conversation.

As Nelle explains to her what she’s going to do, Griffin will hear a bit of the conversation. He cares for Ava, but now he’s worried that she’s involving herself in things that she need not involve herself in. She’s making the kind of poor choices that landed her in so much trouble, and he’s assuming she’s doing it again.

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