General Hospital Spoilers: Little Charlotte Becomes a Pawn in a Sick Game


General Hospital is brand-new, and it’s back with a disgusting twist. It turns out that Nina has been working very hard to become involved in a serious relationship with Valentin. We know this, and we’ve seen her make her moves as best she can. We’ve seen her make it her mission to spend time with him, to interest him, and to be part of his life. We’ve wondered what she sees in him, and what she’s thinking getting involved with him, and now we know it’s that she wants a child. Now that it’s been confirmed Valentin is the biological father of little Charlotte, Nina is desperate for him to love her and make it a permanent situation so she can have a baby. She’s wanted to be a mother so long and so much she is not able to see past her desire to make Charlotte her own.

Since Lulu is actually the girl’s biological mother, she’s not going to give Nina the benefit of the doubt or the chance to be the girl’s mother. The little girl, meanwhile, still thinks that Claudette is her biological mother, and she is so confused about what happened to her mother and where she went. It’s sickening to see these grown women and a man using a little girl to make their own dreams come true. Nina and Lulu are going to clash in a major way as they both fight to be the girl’s mother and the woman in her life. Will they be able to work past their differences?

It’s almost wedding day for Maxie and Nathan, and everyone is as happy as can be about it. Unfortunately, Nathan is going to learn about news that will shock him to the core, and we have a feeling their New Year’s wedding isn’t going to turn out the way they thought it might. Sonny is working hard to make Carly want to be with him again, and it seems his ways might be working. Will they work things out after their son’s death? We hope so, because they really do need one another in their lives.

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