Best General Hospital Quotes to Get You Through Social Distancing

General Hospital fans don’t tune into this show to learn many valuable life lessons. Of course, you might not believe that if you like to see how you shouldn’t join the mafia or run a mob, or if you want to know how to correctly behave when an evil do-er erases your memory and allows the twin brother you didn’t even know you had take over your memories and live your life before you escape and try to rectify this situation. However, most of us will never be in a situation like that one, so it seems we are here for sheer entertainment — not life lessons. But, for now, we hope that we can bring you a few General Hospital quotes from some of our favorite stars and apply them to what’s going on in our lives. Let’s see if this works.

They don’t keep people like us in hell, dear, we’d end up running the place

The time that Helena Cassadine said this is entirely memorable. She said it because she is just plain evil and does horrible things to all the people who are anywhere near her — loved ones, enemies, frenemies, and strangers. She’s just that kind of woman, but this is sentence that rings true. Anyone who is perceived as too powerful is often thought of as terrifying. People are intimidated by them, their success, and their abilities, and they don’t keep them around long — but we aren’t talking about people who are ‘beneath’ others so much as we are talking about when superiors recognize the power in those who work beneath them. They see it. They fear it, and they can’t have that. It’s a true story even if you aren’t kidnapping people and cloning them or whatever she’s got going on right now.

You’re a big boy now, right, and sometimes when you’re a big boy, you have to put aside what you want to do what is best for the people you love

Carly once said this to her son, Michael, who is living a life that is not going his way right now. He’s been through a lot, but she makes a good point. When you grow up and you become responsible, you have to give and take. You have to give so much of yourself to those who you love when it’s the right thing to do, and we think that this is a lesson many people forget. Sure, you need to put yourself first sometimes, but you don’t always put yourself first. There are times when it’s appropriate to put yourself first, and there are times when your family’s needs are far more important than your own, and that’s what makes you a person who really knows how to love.

Don’t you wish it could always be like this. No guns, no killing, no explosions, just…this

It might seem like a strange thing to say to Sam when she and Jason were standing at a dock one time, but it’s true for them. They’re always fighting the bad guys, and we think that this applies to everyone. There doesn’t have to a real gun or a real explosion or a real death to make it apply. Fights, arguments, cold-shoulders, and so much more apply here, too. It would be much simpler if it were just quiet and we could focus on what is important rather than on fighting all the bad in the world. It makes sense.

I hate when bad things happen — Michael. Yeah, well, you know what? Maybe the lesson is that you need to be thankful for every minute you’re OK — Sonny

This. This is the best of the best. The real situation here is that bad things happen to people all the time. To good people, to bad people, to mediocre people. To everyone. No one is spared the bad things in life to some degree, and our job is to simply be thankful that we are all right every moment that we are all right. We take that for granted, and it’s time to stop that, be thankful, be grateful, and enjoy every beautiful moment. There are so many of them in life.

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