General Hospital Characters We are So Thankful Came Back to Life

General Hospital fans are not surprised when people come back to life because we’ve seen it all over the years. We’ve seen people die in ways that are absolutely not even possible to come back from, yet they came back from it. We’ve seen people die, and then come back with a new face but end up being not the person that they thought they were but the unknown twin brother of the person that they think they are — and then the twin comes back. That’s confusing, but it is what it is. However, we know that this is what is going on around here, and we do appreciate it. We appreciate that it is a thing that happens, and that it is never impossible for someone to make a comeback from the very dead. In fact, we have a few favorites that were dead, then they were not dead, and now they are here making us feel so good.


When Jason died, our hearts were crushed. When he came back as John Doe and had a new face, it was not something we really got. When Liz realized that this man without a memory was really Jason and she kept it from everyone, we were shocked. He eventually regained his memory and went on to go back to his normal life living with and loving Sam and the kids. He had a good life after that, and our hearts were warmed and happy when he showed up. We loved new Jason, and we were so happy to have him back.

Real Jason

But, when real Jason showed up, we were shocked. He was an unknown patient in a hospital where Ava was, and she let him out. He came to Port Charles. He came with Jason’s face. No one believed he was really Jason, but he did. He knew. He knew the truth, and he helped everyone realize that the man who had been living as Jason Morgan for years was not Jason Morgan. His name was Drew — the twin Jason didn’t know he had his entire life. Drew didn’t know he wasn’t Jason because he’d had his mind erased and his memories taken, and he was brainwashed into thinking he was Jason. Basically, we got a second Jason return, and that was pretty much all the amazing news we needed in life. Additionally, we also got a Drew and that was even better. This is a situation we actually did not see coming, but it’s one that really did make it seem better to all of us. We like it, and we aren’t mad about it, but we do wish Drew would come back.


He faked his death once, and then he came back. So, we like to think that’s why people aren’t so over the top about the fact that he’s back again. He faked it again, and now he’s here, married to Ava, and he’s miserable. He’s miserable because he is married to Ava, because his family is not all that amused with him and his penchant for faking his death, and because his mother is having a rough time of things in her own life. She’s been dealing with some marital trouble as of late, with some issues with her husband and his lying and how that lie turned into a many deaths and some bad moments, and things just didn’t go as big and/or as bold as he thought they might when they were involved in that.


She was thought to be killed many, many years ago. In fact, it was so long ago that it was almost 30 years ago! She was killed — allegedly — in 1992. She was killed in a boat explosion working for her undercover job. She was not alone, though. She was killed alongside both Robert and Faison, and that was a horrible situation for her and for her family. Her own daughter thought she was gone, and it crushed her. But, she came back many years later with some explaining and some big things. In fact, all three of them who were allegedly killed in the boat explosion came back to life and back to Port Charles. It’s been great.

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