General Hospital: Carly Isn’t Happy About Josslyn and Oscar

General Hospital: Carly Isn’t Happy About Josslyn and Oscar

General Hospital spoilers tell us that things are hot and heavy between Oscar and Josslyn right now, and Carly does not like it. She is going to confront this young man and ask him precisely what he thinks he is going to get from her, and we can’t wait to see what he has to say. There is nothing that she can say to him that will stop his feelings. He is smitten by her daughter, and Carly does not like it. Of course, Joss isn’t helpful right now, either. She doesn’t care at all that her mother is not happy with her, and that’s not fun for Carly.

She’s not about to change her daughter’s mind, of course, and that means someone is going to have to focus on getting through to Oscar. And she’s going to try. These two are going to do whatever they want without any care in the world, and Carly is not in love with this. She doesn’t seem to get that interfering with the love life of either of her kids is not a good idea at the moment.

So what does that mean? It means instead of fixing the problems she has in life at the moment, she’s making them worse. She’s trying to get things handled accordingly, but all she is doing is making a bigger mess. Will she ever learn that her ways are not always the best ways? We are not entirely certain she can handle that realization.

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