General Hospital: Can Maxie and Nathan Make It?

General Hospital fans know Maxie and Nathan are having a baby, and that Nathan has been having some second thoughts about his wife. That’s all changed a bit since she told him she was pregnant, but things aren’t always going to stay good for them. She’s got her life to live, he’s still keeping things from her and making it a point to get their lives in order on his own accord, and they are not at all on the same page about anything.

He won’t stop lying to her, and the fact that he is still working so closely with Amy despite all that happened is not a good sign for anyone. There is very little anyone can do at this point, and there is a lot that can’t be dealt with as people are moving on with their lives and focusing on things that don’t mean much otherwise. Is there anything they can do to make sure this stops, or are they going to focus on more?

Maxie can’t be happy with the way her marriage is going right now, but she might also be of the opinion that it will change for the better once her baby arrives. This is a mistaken belief for so many women, and we are willing to bet she is putting herself in the same place at she hopes that the arrival of a little baby will help her marriage become stronger and more stable as time goes on. We doubt it.

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