Gen V: Unanswered Questions We Have After Season 1

Gen V: Unanswered Questions We Have After Season 1
Gen V: Unanswered Questions We Have After Season 1

The widely successful The Boys spinoff, Gen V, has ended its first season with a bang and several unanswered questions. The Prime Video series caught viewers’ attention as a group of students at Godolkin University tried to unravel the mystery of a student’s death. It leads them to some horrifying revelations that the school was carrying out experiments on their students. Following complex characters with powers and more complicated relationships with their family, Gen V takes fans on a thrilling ride as these students try to come to terms with their changing lives. 

While Gen V is connected to The Boys, it does an excellent job telling a unique and separate story set in this dark universe of villainous superheroes. With cameos from The Boys stars like Billy Butcher and Homelander helping to set up the upcoming season of The Boys, it’s expected that the finale will leave viewers with more questions than answers. From unresolved mysteries to missing siblings, and shocking twists, here are some of the unanswered questions fans have after Gen V Season 1.

1. What Will Victoria Neuman Do with the Supe Virus?
Gen V

The last time fans see vice-presidential candidate Victoria Neuman is after she kills Dr. Cardosa and drives off with the Supe virus. In an episode of The Boys, it is revealed that she was the Supe blowing up people’s heads, so it’s evident that she has no problem killing to achieve her goals. With the Supe virus in her possession, the Supes are likely safe for a while. But with Billy Butcher’s cameo in Gen V, there could be a looming showdown between The Boys and Neuman. The Boys have been chasing Neuman since she started popping people’s heads off so a battle between them could eventually lead to Butcher getting his hands on the virus. The pressing question is, what does Neuman plan on doing with the virus before that happens?

2. How has Emma’s Powers Changed in the finale?
Gen V

Emma’s powers have always been a sore subject because she has to throw up or eat a lot of food to shrink or grow bigger. What she has to do to access her powers affects her mental and physical wellness. She is always shy to transform in front of anyone, even her roommate Marie. However, in the Gen V finale, after Sam kills innocent humans at Godolkin under Cate’s command, he argues with Emma. Sam says some hurtful things which devastate Emma to the point that she shrinks. Emma didn’t have to vomit to get that small, which makes fans wonder whether it’s her emotions that can allow her to control her size at will. 

3. How Powerful is Marie?
Gen V

Throughout the series, Gen V fans have seen how Marie gets comfortable using her powers and the little training she got at the Red River Institute. When she joins Godolkin, she meets Victoria Neuman, who has secretly been her benefactor and realizes they have the same power to control blood. With how powerful Neuman has proven to be in The Boys, it only makes sense that Marie’s abilities will grow to the same intensity. In Gen V’s finale, Marie blows up Cate’s hand, showing that she has the potential to blow up heads like Neuman. However, Marie seems to be much stronger or more skilled than Neuman because she saved a dying girl at the club and used other people’s blood as weapons. With these demonstrations, Marie could be stronger than most Supes and possibly be the one to help The Boys kill villains like Neuman or even Homelander. With Marie being so young, she could be more powerful than fans know. 

4. Where Is Marie’s Sister?

Marie’s Sister in Gen V

After the tragic death of Marie’s parents, Marie hasn’t been able to see her sister. She was shipped off to the Red River Institute and hasn’t contacted her younger sister ever since. The last words her sister spoke to her was that she was a murderer who killed their parents. Throughout the series, Marie has been lied to about her sister’s whereabouts. The truth behind what happened to her sister could be revealed in The Boys Season 4 or Gen V Season 2. 

5. Is Andre Slowly Killing Himself by Using His Powers?
Gen V

Gen V’s finale reveals that Andre’s father, the superhero Polarity, has micro-tears in his brain that worsen when he uses his powers. The doctor treating his father asks Andre if he has been feeling lightheaded after using his powers, and he says yes. Andre’s symptoms imply that he is also slowly hurting himself the more he uses his powers. If Andre ends up like his father, will he still be able to help his friends reveal the truth about what’s been happening at Godolkin? In The Boys, it was revealed that supes got their powers from compound V, so, unsurprisingly, the adverse effects on their bodies could be lethal. 

6. Which Students Will Get Recruited to The Seven?

Gen V

In the beginning, it was clear that The Seven was looking for a new member, who they hoped was Golden Boy, before he took his life. With Vought’s CEO Ashley promising the student who stops Cate and Sam from causing more havoc at Godolkin will get a direct ticket to The Seven, it seems the spots are still open. However, with Marie and her friends being made the scapegoats, the only people who could join The Seven are Cate and Sam who were hailed as the heroes after the bloody incident. The Seven has had several unhinged and immoral members, so Cate or Sam joining the team wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

7. What’s happened to the Guardians of Godolkin?
Gen V

In Gen V’s finale, Homelander comes to save the day and blasts Marie with his laser vision. Before this, Cate, Sam, and other students from the woods had wreaked havoc around the campus, forcing Vought’s CEO and her team to run for safety in a grounded chopper. She blows up Cate’s hand to stop her from using her powers on Jordan. Marie, Emma, Andre, and Jordan wake up in a white room with no doors, and on the news, it’s being reported that the Guardians of Godolkin were the perpetrators of the chaos that cost the school multiple lives. But who framed them? And why would Godolkin want to reward Cate, considering she was the one who killed Dean Shetty?

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