Gary Busey is a Pet Judge in New Streaming Series

Gary Busey is a Pet Judge in New Streaming Series

Gary Busey is a Pet Judge in New Streaming Series

Does anyone else feel like they just got Punk’d after watching this trailer? Jeremy Dick of TVWeb is here to assure us all that this isn’t the case, that Gary Busey will in fact be serving as a pet judge on a six-episode series that is coming soon, but in reality it does feel as though we’ve slipped straight into a sitcom or a movie where the shows are nothing but ridiculous. Such a transition would explain a lot of the reality shows that have been coming across the screen lately since some of them are enough to make a person roll their eyes and hope like hell that the producers are kidding. But this one, huh boy, it’s enough to make one think that fans are bound to go into the show hoping to hear a great deal of Gary Busey just being his nutty self and will end the show thinking ‘what the hell did I just watch?’. It’s a prediction at least, and it’s likely that it will come true in part, while some folks might actually enjoy the show since Gary Busey is a favorite actor of so many. Throughout the years though he’s only continued to become a little more unhinged with each passing year, and definitely shows it when he’s trying to talk. That’s a big part of what’s made him such a great actor though since he’s taken on a lot of roles that have made use of that kind of nutty energy and given him something worthwhile to do.

But a pet judge. If no one else is scratching their head at that one and wondering how it came about then it’s true that we’re just that bored and will accept pretty much anything that’s coming down the pipeline. Gary Busey has had some screwy roles in his past and he’s excelled at being kind of a nut on camera, but this is something that goes well beyond his roles in Lethal Weapon, Point Break, Surviving the Game, and many others. He’ll be passing judgment on people’s pets in various ways and doling out advice no doubt on what they should do and how things should be handled, which is beyond odd and obviously just what people are wanting to see since it’s already being expected to be a fan-pleaser. John Blistein of Rolling Stone has more to say about the program. It’s only going to last six episodes so whether or not it will get approved for another round is hard to say since it definitely sounds like something that might be a swing for the fences that comes up just a bit short. Given the fact that so many shows as of late have been either downright ridiculous or so bad that people think they’re good though, it could be another hit that people are willing to see for another season.

A lot of us probably grew up watching Gary Busey be kind of a badass on screen since he hasn’t always been the kind of guy to take on the deep, sensitive roles. More often than not he’s been the crazy nutter, the psychopath, the kind of guy you’d have a drink with and then regret it since his smile alone is terrifying enough to give people nightmares he’s really feeling it. In all fairness he’s a great actor, but he still looks like a loon half the time since that smile and his eccentric manner are enough to put a lot of people on edge since it does sound like he’s about to go off half the time like a Roman candle that you thought might have expended its last charge. Just imagining what he’s going to do in a courtroom setting and how he might fly off the handle is kind of amusing really, but not so much that everyone is going to be parking their butt on the couch to see just how nuts he really goes. With so much programming out there to pay attention to it’s easy to think that this might be a shot in the dark for Amazon Prime, but if it does end up being something that doesn’t pan out they still have a lot of shows left to fall back on and enough movies to keep people happy for a while.

He’s not the first celebrity to take on his own show, but sitting as a judge presiding over a case isn’t exactly the normal, run of the mill-type show that a lot of celebrities would go in for since it is a little beyond the pale and definitely opens itself to a lot of criticism. It’s easy to already hear talk of the show being entirely scripted since there doesn’t appear to be a way that it couldn’t be given the content and the subjects that are going to be discussed. Benjamin Vanhoose of People has his own opinion on the matter.

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