BMF Season 1, Episode 8: The Finale

Previously on BMF Season 1, Episode 7, Nicole is frazzled off watching Lamar stab her boyfriend to death. She trusted her brothers and decided to keep her mouth shut and not tell the police anything about Darius’s killer. Meech hired Tiny’s crew to kill Lamar but they failed. However, they did manage to hit Lamar in the shoulder. Lamar seeks cover at Monique’s house and when she threatens to call the police he beats up. If it wasn’t for Zoey, he probably would have killed her.

Game Time Is Over

Game time is over in Episode 8 of BMF. Kato meets with Lamar in a secluded area to give Lamar intell on when Meech would be meeting with his plug to reap. She assures Lamar that she’s using B-Mick to get information on Meech. What Lamar doesn’t know is that B-Mickie is lurking in the shadows. When Lamar pulls off, B-Mickie follows him. This is all part of Kato and B-Mickie’s plan to murk Lamar. But their plans are ruined when B-Mickie gets pulled over by the cops and arrested. Now that Meech and Detective Bryant are no longer playing on the same team, he comes at the BMF crew with guns blazing when the episode starts. He picks Terry up at school, arrests Meech while he’s in his child’s mother’s house. The whole BMF crew is hauled in for questioning. However, because they didn’t have any drugs on them and they weren’t actually committing a crime the detectives have to let them go. After being questioned by the police, Meech tells Kato to roll with him so he can get to know her a little bit better.  He asks Kato how did she get into the game and she admits that she lived with her father as a teenager. Her father’s name was C-Love, he was a hustler that rolled with the Black Killers.  The lifestyle rubbed off on Kato and she decided to follow in his footsteps.

The Drop

Meech gets a drop on Lamar’s location. Lamar visits Alvin the morgue technician to tend to the wound in his shoulder. When Meech and his crew pull up, Lamar is gone and they catch the creepy morgue tech molesting a dead female body. Although the lead is a total bust, they do find out that Lamar switched his car.

Settlement Money

After Lucille was able to convince Shondalia White to represent them again, the lawyer was able to track down the nurse involved in Terry’s surgery and she admitted that she smelled alcohol on the surgeon’s breath. The hospital agreed to a $230,000 settlement, $150,0000 after lawyer and taxes. The only catch is that Terry can’t touch the money until he’s 18 years old or unless he gets his parent’s consent and the judge approves. The Flenorys are beyond excited. Charles wants to start a car service business.  Charles shows Terry the car business he wants to purchase. Charles knows the man personally and the business reels in about 100,000 annually. This is a chance for them to build a real family business that’s safe and generates enough money to adequately provide for them all.


Of course, leave it up to Meech to think about expanding when everything in their world is already so chaotic. Meech has plans to become the connection to the East Side drug dealers. He offers them pure cocaine for a price they can’t resist.

Double Cross

Meech questions B-Mickie about Kato and B-Mickie tells Meech that he can trust her. Meech gives B-Mickie kudos for his loyalty. This makes B-Mickie confess to everything. He tells Meech that Kato was originally working them, but they concocted a plan to take out Lamar. Meech admits that he had already put two and two together and knew that Kato and Lamar were connected. Meech reminds B-Mickie that Lamar is a crazy cat and it wouldn’t be that easy to outsmart him. However, Meech does decide to use their plan as a distraction. Lamar arrives at the club where he’s supposed to meet Kato earlier than usual and he spots B-Mickie. He pulls Kato out of the club at gunpoint. When he exits the club, Meech is waiting for him with his gun drawn.  Lamar puts his gun to Kato, head, and Meech makes it clear that they could care less about a “rat b***”.  B-Mickie steps forward and draws his gun on Lamar. B-Mickie apologizes to Kato and tells her that his loyalty is to the family. Meech shoots Lamar and promises to watch him suffer as he dies. Meanwhile, B-Mickie catches Kato trying to get away. She tells him that she loves him as he shoots her in the gut. B-Mickie tells her he loves her too and then shoots her in the head.  Meech and B-Mickie flee the scene.


After securing more re-up from Big L, Terry decides to walk away from the game after his girlfriend LaWanda decides to move to another state with their son because Terry chose to stay in business with Meech. Terry says that he’s going to go into business with their father and start a real family legacy. B-Mickie gets pulled over by Detective Bryant and this time they find a gun on him. Detective Bryant is sure that the gun will link back to Jame-Mo’s murder.  He offers B-Mickie a deal, pin the bodies on Meech or else he will go down for Lamar and Jame-Mo’s murders.

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