Weird Stuff That Actually Happened on the Set of Lucifer

Weird Stuff That Actually Happened on the Set of Lucifer

Weird Stuff That Actually Happened on the Set of Lucifer

When the Fox Network introduced the show, “Lucifer,” back in 2016, fans were unsure what to expect. They certainly did not know that the show would go on to turn into a Netflix series, too. The show was a big one for the network, but it was also a show that had some controversial moments from time to time. Based on the Marvel comic character, the show was a little bit of everything. It was sometimes dramatic and dark but also romantic and funny. It starred Tom Ellis as Lucifer and a few other recognizable faces. But, as Halloween is near, many fans are wondering if there is any truth to the rumors that strange things would happen on the set of this show named for the devil himself. Did things happen that no one could explain? Was there some sort of curse on the set? While we certainly won’t go that far, we will tell you that there is a lot that might be unexplained, and we thought we might dive into it right now. Here are a few of the strange and creepy things that happened on set that no one was expecting.

Tom Ellis is Talented

One of the weirdest things that ever happened on set is not scary, dark, or weird, per se, but it’s still weird. Tom Ellis, the man who plays Lucifer, did his own stunts. That’s a strange and unlikely thing to do in Hollywood. Many actors and actresses are too worried about their health and their physical abilities to do their own stunts, but he was not worried about that in the least. He did his own, and he is proud of it. It’s strange, though.

There Was a Biker Gang on Set

If you heard this rumor, we are here to tell you it’s true. The members of the cast were part of a major bike gang. Scary, right? Well, it’s not nearly as scary as you might assume when you take the time to listen to the details. The biker gang was not a biker gang in the tattoos and prison sense. The cast often rode their actual bicycles around the set. It was a large set, and it is how they got around the set on a regular basis. So, they’d ride bikes, and they became known as a bike gang. Not so scary, right?

Lucifer Often Delivered Pizza to the Actors

When filming, the crew and the cast had to eat. They’d sometimes want pizza, and they’d order out. What is amazing about this, however, is that the cast of the show would often find that the pizza they ordered was delivered from a pizza place called, you guessed it, Lucifer’s Pizza. It was located near the set of the show, and that’s where they’d get their pizza. It was funny, and everyone kind of loved the fact that this was happening on the set. So, not strange, and not scary at all. Pizza is wonderful.

Strange Things Happened on Set

One day, when Tom Ellis showed up for work, his dressing room was filled with lifesize cardboard cutouts of a guest star on the show. The problem was that this was a guest star that the main character was rumored to have had some major issues with. The star and the guest did not get along – reportedly – and somehow entire life-size figures of this person ended up in his dressing room. On his birthday, no less. Strange things like this happened on the set of “Lucifer,” all the time, and people would often try to figure out what was going on. Was there some sort of situation going on around them they could not explain? It turns out that nothing was going on that they needed to worry about. It seems that star Lauren German who played the Detective on the show just liked to play pranks on her costars – and they did enjoy it.

At the end o the day, nothing overtly weird, strange, or unexplainable really did happen on the set of Lucifer. But, it is fun to pretend it did, and to pretend that perhaps the set was haunted or strange things happened there. The name of the show is meant to terrify, after all, and making it seem like things that no one can explain might be happening on the set was something that the world loved to hear. Of course, no one ever pays attention to the details, so this ended up being a story that’s not as nefarious as it seemed.Tom Ellis

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