Game of Thrones Actor Expected Fans to Hate the Season 8 Finale

Game of Thrones Actor Expected Fans to Hate the Season 8 Finale
Game of Thrones Actor Expected Fans to Hate the Season 8 Finale

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A Game of Thrones actor expected fans to hate the season 8 finale. In all fairness, it sounds like Jacob Anderson, aka Grey Worm, believed that people would not like the finale. Hate is a strong word, but unfortunately, it was accurate. 

There are a lot of words that can describe the fan reaction to the final season of Game of Thrones. Sadly, hate is one of those that comes up quite often. Many have stated that the season felt rushed and that it did not offer the type of development that was needed. In Jacob’s estimation, many people decided that the actors had lost their love for the show. 

He’s also adamant that this isn’t true. Jacob has made it clear that he and the rest of the cast enjoyed their time while on set. Their hard work did deliver a story, no matter how people reacted. After calming down, some fans agreed that there were redeeming qualities to the finale. However, the avalanche of hateful comments that were levied against the show had done its job.

It’s interesting how hateful comments drown out all others with only a slight push on the internet. 

Game of Thrones Actor Expected Fans to Hate the Season 8 Finale

credit: Game of Thrones

As a supporting character, Grey Worm still gained a strong following

His time in the series was fairly extensive since Grey Worm came in during the third season. He became a valuable asset, to begin with, and eventually became a respected commander. As a deadly warrior and skilled combatant in Daenerys Targaryen’s army of Unsullied, Grey Worm gained his own following at one point. 

Initially, he might not have commanded much loyalty. But as time went on and he continued to survive, Grey Worm gained a great deal of respect. This is impressive in a show where even well-known actors were given roles that saw them exit quickly. Anderson wasn’t a newbie to Hollywood when he took on his GoT role, but it’s fair to state that he wasn’t entirely known. 

If anything, Grey Worm elevated his career in a very effective way. But much like the rest of the cast, he was taken aback by the reaction of the fans. Needless to say, the backlash from season 8 took everyone by surprise. 

It feels that a spinoff starring this character would do well

At the end of season 8, it was seen that several characters were bound for other parts of the world. It sounds as though a Jon Snow spinoff is underway, but there’s not much else to look forward to. Many fans would like to see an Arya Stark spinoff, but that probably won’t happen. A spinoff starring Grey Worm and the Unsullied would likely be embraced by the fans. 

Remembering that the Unsullied were headed to Naath, where Missandei was from, is enough to start a worthwhile story. Seeing as how the Unsullied is a deadly force that could sweep over just about any force, it feels that this would work. In fact, the spinoffs might actually draw fans back to the story. 

Game of Thrones Actor Expected Fans to Hate the Season 8 Finale

credit: Game of Thrones

The hate from the fans indicates how fickle fans really are

There were issues with season 8; that’s hard to deny. But the overall hatred from the fans makes it clear that fans feel entitled after so long. The issues that plagued the final season are impossible to look past. However, looking past the fact that fans end up demanding too much at one point or another is exceedingly difficult. 

The fickle nature of fans was also on full display during season 8. Many even went so far as to insinuate that George R.R. Martin would not have directed the story in such a manner. That’s kind of amusing, honestly, since Martin could not keep up with his own story. In fact, Martin has yet to finish the final book of GoT. 

While season 8 might not have offered up the epic ending that people wanted, there’s one thing to remember. It’s rare that ANY story gives the epic ending that people want to see. There is no pleasing people one hundred percent of the time. The finale of season 8 only highlights this issue. 

Game of Thrones still stands out as an epic story

Fans still agree that GoT is an epic tale despite their need to point out flaws. Jacob Anderson guessed that the fans would react in a negative manner. It’s fair to think that he might not have expected the backlash that came. Looking back on things now, it feels as though fans were far more responsible for their own reactions. 

Unfortunately, fans aren’t going to take the same heat that they gave the show. While it’s very true that season 8 had several flaws, the fans of GoT took things to a different level. Sometimes the fans need to take a step back and take responsibility for their own reactions. 

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