Gal Gadot Replaces Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman Deepfake Video

Gal Gadot Replaces Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman Deepfake Video

Gal Gadot Replaces Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman Deepfake Video

Deepfake is definitely getting better and better when it comes to their videos since this one was just about seamless in a lot of ways and it really did look like Gal Gadot was portraying the old school Wonder Woman. Has anyone ever looked at this character and thought how truly impractical her outfit is though? Given the more tactical and sensible costumes that heroes have been wearing, yes, even women, it’s not odd to wonder why the more skimpy clothing was thought to be popular, but from a functional standpoint, it sure doesn’t work. The only things saving Wonder Woman from having a truly embarrassing time when jumping around in battle would be her fighting capabilities, her speed, and of course the on-screen magic that makes it possible for her to not bust out of her top. The more recent outfit has kind of taken that issue and fixed it since Diana’s breastplate is now molded to her body, making it at least a little more difficult for anything to come busting out. I swear there’s no pun intended. But still leaving her arms and legs exposed is kind of a hard notion to get around when it comes to battling some of the enemies she’s taken on since one would think that she would be susceptible to damage from stronger opponents given that she can sustain damage if she doesn’t know an attack is coming. And yes, bullets would be capable of penetrating her skin, since her armor and shield can deflect bullets, but that’s it.

Just think, it would take a sniper bullet she doesn’t see coming to end her for good, but then that wouldn’t exactly be a fitting end for this character since a lot of people wouldn’t accept it to start with and those that might accept her end wouldn’t accept it from anything less than a major villain. Her outfit has definitely changed over the years, but if anyone tells you it’s from sheer practicality then they might need to stake a step back and realize that it has a lot more to do with what parents wanted their kids seeing versus the idea that a new outfit made more sense on the battlefield. This is kind of evidenced by the fact that the movie Wonder Woman went back to a slightly skimpier outfit than we’ve seen used in the comics and in the animated versions, that kids tend to watch more often. Some would claim that it’s prudish to grouse about the size of her costume and others would disagree, but the truth is that there have been times when Wonder Woman’s outfit is a bit revealing, but there has also been an attempt to meet halfway in the middle now and again.

In Lynda Carter’s day, the outfit was definitely skimpy since the sex appeal of Wonder Woman was a big seller, and it still is in some regards even if there’s an attempt to tamp it down just a bit by making Wonder Woman a stronger character and giving her a much more powerful presence on screen in order to appeal to everyone instead of just those that want to see a beautiful woman in an outfit that makes little to no sense when going into battle. It’s fair to say that Wonder Woman doesn’t need a full suit of armor against those that she’s so much quicker and stronger than, especially since her reflexes are insanely sharp and bullets stand little chance of hitting her if she knows where they’re coming from and can block them. A sniper was used in the movie to try and end her, but given that the enemy forces knew nothing about her or how to fight someone like Diana it’s very easy to think of how she overtook them and caused a massive amount of havoc. An enemy that knows her capabilities and realizes that she might have blindspots like anyone else might be able to take advantage of the fact that she wears so little armor. But that’s a theory at best and it feels as though the writers might come up with a way to state that no, Diana is too smart, too quick, to this, to that. It’s how comic writers appear to work sometimes, especially when someone points out a flaw in the characters they create.

People are still pretty pumped for the sequel to the hit movie from 2017, but so far it looks as though it will be closer to Christmas before the movie is finally allowed to come to theaters. The coronavirus has done a serious number on the entertainment industry this year and so far it’s not showing a lot of signs of letting up completely. But thankfully people are starting to go back to the theater, just not in great numbers, meaning that the box office is going to be notoriously low for some movies.

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