Whatever Happened to Mimi Craven?

Whatever Happened to Mimi Craven?

Whatever Happened to Mimi Craven?

Millicent E. Meyer, or Mimi Craven as she would come to be known, married famed director Wes Craven back in the early 80s but had split with him only five years later. She was a flight attendant at the time they met, and it feels safe to say that a good part of her fame came from her connection to her husband. But considering that she’s still around and still doing her thing, albeit, with a huge break between roles, it’s fair to say that she’s stayed the course as much as she could while doing what she could to stay relevant enough to be considered as a wise investment when it comes to show business. There might be a number of people that know who Mimi is and what she’s done, but it’s also possible that she’s one of the many that have come and gone in show business, and is someone to look at from the stance of wondering just how she didn’t take off in a greater manner. There are so many stars in Hollywood that it’s easy to say that it’s impossible to know them all, especially since they vary in popularity, but if anyone is thinking that Mimi only managed to get work because of who she was married to, well, it would be a fair estimation since in show business it does appear that knowing the right people can open all the right doors.

Over the years though it’s been seen that she has become quite a skilled photographer as well since in the mid-90s she decided to take up photography as an interest and started working to perfect the craft as much as possible. Mimi is currently in her 60s and appears to have kept up with her photography even as she’s kind of faded from the business, even if she’s still remembered by several people. Trying to stay relevant in show business has been seen to be kind of a hassle for a lot of people, but those that allow themselves to slip from the headlines and become more or less their own people without having to worry about paparazzi and the continual question of what they’re doing, what’s coming next, and how their career is going tend to be the lucky ones. While some of them slip quietly away from show business, others stick around and fly under the radar so to speak as they tend to do their own thing and maintain a lifestyle that works for them in one way or another. Mimi has obviously had a few highs in her career, but quite often it feels as though she didn’t quite reach that next level of stardom that a lot of people reach for and as a result she kind of stuck around Hollywood picking up one part after another in order to keep her career going. The fact is that she has had a decent career over the years as she’s stayed busy in show business and then stayed busy in other ways such as her photography and as a dance teacher. So to be fair, she’s done enough to keep herself busy, but being a Hollywood star was never really her big accomplishment in life other than the several roles she took on during the 80s and 90s.

Some might want to argue that this is far more than many other people might accomplish in life, and they’d be right since a lot of aspiring actor do make their way to Hollywood only to see their dreams dashed and reality seep in to make it clear that they’re better off trying something else. Others keep pushing though and continue to persist when it comes to a career, while some simply get lucky, since meeting Wes Craven was likely to have had something to do with her rise to the rank of a celebrity. Giving her credit for sticking around is easy enough since otherwise her name might already be lost among the sea of people that wake up every day just hoping to get through the day without too many problems arising. As someone that had the chance to work with those in the business though, Mimi is one of those that people can’t help wonder about since the ascent to celebrity status, and the current question of where she’s at comes from the fact that she was there, she went through the process of making a movie, and as a result, people want to know why they don’t see her anymore. One of the most obvious answers is that she simply stepped away to pursue other things, but a lot of people want more than this. The sad truth is that unless a person wishes to give that kind of information then it’s nearly impossible to tell. But at this time it’s wise to simply hope that she’s doing well.

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