10 Things You Didn’t Know about Olivia Olson

You might not know a lot about Oliva Olson just because she’s more of a voice actor and hasn’t been in front of the camera all that often. But her voice is hard to miss if you’ve heard it often enough and there’s a good chance you have if you watch certain shows. The act of staying out of sight of the camera is not always an unenviable position since you can still give the best of yourself even without being seen, and Olivia seems to do this quite easily. It’s also evident that she’d like to be a more vibrant part of any project she’s working on and brings a sense of professionalism and humor to the set.

Here’s a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s best known for her voice acting roles.

Right away this is the most noticeable part of her career and what she gets lauded for the most. It’s not to say that she can’t act, but when it comes to acting vs. voice acting she definitely lands on the latter side.

9. Her career started in 2003.

She’s been in the business for a while and has likely seen and done a few things while there. The point of it is though is that she knows how to get along and how to go along, and that would make a lot of difference when it comes certain gigs.

8. She had a part in the Power Puff girls.

Blisstina Utonium was the long lost sister that the Power Puff girls had never known about and the first creation that preceded them. You can imagine they were kind of confused and more than a little upset with the professor.

7. Her voice has been used for Phineas and Ferb.

She was used pretty extensively for this and her voice has been one of the more noted ones on the show for some time. Phineas and Ferb have a pretty big following so it’s been a great deal of exposure for her as far as her career goes.

6. Her filmography is not quite that extensive.

She hasn’t done a whole lot but it could be that she’s been working so hard on some projects that she just doesn’t have time for everything. Some folks like to take it easy after certain projects and others just don’t go out and try to do everything they can. No matter what the reason is that her filmography isn’t that long it doesn’t take away from the skill she has and the contributions she’s made. Olivia has been around long enough to know when to get busy and when to lay back.

5. She’s also a singer.

If you listen up she’s got a great voice and can really belt out a tune. You might think she’d be better off trying for a singing career but honestly and truly she’d be looking at an uphill battle to get noticed unfortunately since becoming a musician means striking out and finding a new hook that someone else hasn’t used for the thousandth time. It’s very possible but it’s also more likely that she’ll be more remembered for her acting roles as she is now.

4. She was in Love Actually.

It’s amazing that a voice like this would be thought of as anything other than amazing, but in the industry it’s something that might get her in the door, but after that it would be up to her to come up with something that would keep her around. Listening to her is just awesome since you can really get into her voice and move along with the music. To think that anyone who can’t do half as good as this can get signed to a record label while voices like this are left to languish is kind of an injustice really.

3. She has a very modest following on social media.

Whether or not she’s big on social media is hard tell, but her followers are in the 20 thousand range so it’s likely that she doesn’t stay on it a lot. Honestly that says more for her character and desire to just have a good time and not get hung up on the fame portion of her career. Some people are on social media all the time and seem to have nothing else to say except the bare minimum, and even that isn’t very interesting.

2. She’s done a part in Steven Universe.

Olivia has been prominent in a lot of different voice roles to this point in her career and it kind of seems to be her niche. Eventually she might really break into film or TV but right now voice acting seems to be where it’s at for her.

1. She’s been featured on a few video games as well.

The video games she’s done voice acting for all belong to the Adventure Time series, in which she plays the role of Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Her voice is just amazing.

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