10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gaku Space

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gaku Space

Gaku Space might be a virtual unknown to a lot of people unless you happen to play video games and watch certain movies and TV shows. But he’s made a pretty big name for himself considering that he’s done a few things in his career that are really noteworthy and can be recognized by those that know how and where to look. His credits might not be that many in number compared to some but at the very least he’s done something in the industry and he’s worth mentioning since he’s contributed quite a bit to certain areas. Applauding every actor for doing their job isn’t always necessary but giving credit where it’s due certainly is, and Gaku has earned it.

Here’s a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He gave up a baseball career to go into acting.

He actually came to the US seeking to make his way into the league but at some point he decided that his talents would be better spent on acting rather than swinging a bat. One has to wonder if he ever regrets not taking the road he set out for, but he seems to be pretty happy where he’s at.

9. He’s an advanced martial artist.

Gaku became an expert in Filipino Kali and sword fighting presumably to help his chances of becoming a better actor. Considering that these skills are used mostly for hobby and not much else this seems like it would be the most reasonable option.

8. He’s done some voice-over work.

He’s lent his voice to a few different video games in his time and has proven to be fairly easy to work with and very professional. The voice-over work seems to agree with him as it’s not too demanding but does allow him to work on his acting skills.

7. He was in Westworld.

Admittedly he was in one episode of the second season but it’s enough to say that he was there and that he was a part of it. There have been several actors that have played minor roles in popular shows and gone on to do great things later on in their careers.

6. He voices the character of Genji on Overwatch.

Genji is a rather popular character on Overwatch with some people as he takes on the style of the ninja with a definite technological upgrade but the skill set that is kind of hard to learn but worth it once you do.

5. He has a modest following on social media.

He has less than 100 thousand followers on Instagram but that’s enough to say that he’s got the attention of some people and could very well become a bigger commodity as time goes on. He’s not an old man but he’s no young buck looking to make a name for himself any longer either.

4. He was in a live action Street Fighter movie.

The title was Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, and it was primarily about Ken and Ryu, but Gaku had what seemed like a prominent role, at least so far as the story went. Even being a part of something is better than letting talent go to waste.

3. His father was a baseball player in Japan.

This is no doubt a big part of where he got his love for baseball as his father was a pro and likely taught his son a thing or two. You kind of have to wonder if his father was supportive of his decision to go into acting over baseball or if he thought his son was going down and uncertain road at that point.

2. His filmography isn’t all that big.

It’s hard to find much on Gaku at this point that isn’t directly related to the work he’s done, meaning his bio is quite scarce and everything about him has to do with Overwatch or Street Fighter. That kind of indicates that these are his two main accomplishments, which in reality isn’t all that bad since both are very well known to many upon many people that enjoy them and would obviously love to see more.

1. He’s a pretty good actor.

A lot of times when you have to ask who an actor it can mean that they’re not that great at what they do, they’re not that experienced, or quite possibly they tried and decided that they didn’t enjoy being in front of the camera. Gaku on the other hand is good at what he does and while he overplays his parts a bit much sometimes it works and adds to the character he’s playing. As of now it’s not really known what he’s up to or what project he’s working on, but one thing is pretty clear, he knows that he can do the job and so he’s going to stick around.

That’s dedication and self-confidence.

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